3 P’s to Prevent Crimes in Your Community

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Any American can attest to the fact that 2020 was indeed a roller-coaster ride. Who would not notice with thousands dying all over America? The sad thing is while the virus wreaked havoc on the superpower nation catching many unprepared for the fatal blow, criminals were also busy with their business. You may not believe it but a drastic rise in murder cases in the country materialized during the pandemic. As a community, making sure you’re prepared to prevent crime and protect friends and family is paramount.

In the midst of all these, the question keeps arising, what can we do? To a large extent, people have been able to work together to reduce the spread of the virus. But what about the rise in crime in the United States? Can anything be done to reduce the crime rate? Or are we left helpless like a sitting duck in front of a hunter’s barrel gun?

The good news is your community can have a role to play in preventing crime around you. With a proactive mindset and willing hands, you should be on your way to experience a most peaceful neighborhood.


The first and the most important aspect of community crime prevention is participating. Truth be told, this has a huge role to play in preventing crime. Handling crime is indeed the job of law enforcement officers. But if everyone in the community is fully involved in the process, it makes the work a lot easier.

When you participate actively in the process, you become the extra eyes on the street. And the more people are involved, the more of a force you become in the community. And as a whole, you can all fight against the increase in crime.

To be involved, you have to be informed. Ensure you are always aware of the happenings in the surrounding. For instance, always check the news for current events around you, as well as what is happening in the government both locally and nationally.

It’s vital to know the laws and ensure you abide by them. By doing this, you can also fight for your right if you are being treated wrongly on any ground. It’s also necessary to have a relationship with the law enforcement officers and officials in your area. This way, you can quickly notify them of any problem or suspicious act in the area.

Also, be in touch with people in your community. To fully participate, you have to at least have a relationship with your neighbors. This is important so that if you miss out on anything, someone else can fill you in. And this would also be an avenue to gather more people to join in fighting against crime.



It’s not enough to participate. You also have to promote. Promote the whole idea of participating in others in your community. The truth is many still have no idea that there’s a way they can help prevent crime in the community. So it’s your job to let them know that something can be done.

Start by promoting law enforcement and the local government. Everyone has to start from the understanding that we can’t protect our community ourselves. These officials and law enforcement officers have to be involved. Then we work hand in hand with them.

You can also promote community events that will build awareness. These events are avenues to carry everyone in the community along as to the plan to prevent crime. In these events, you should also give practical steps and guides on what they can do. One good example is the community meeting held in Earle, Arkansas to discuss crime problems.

Let’s also not forget a key aspect which is promoting morals and family values. It all starts with the family. If everyone upholds morals and values in their home, everyone becomes a better person. And the result is the coming together of a group of people with principles that they abide by. In the long run, this makes the community a better place.


After participating and promoting, the job does not end there. Now is the time to protect. This is where community policing would be very helpful. All you have to do is follow the rules. And don’t stop law enforcers and officials from doing their job no matter the situation.

When a crime is committed, the community can help the victims find justice by ensuring the full force of the law is applied. And this can only be done if people and witnesses cooperate. So if a subpoena server service provider brings a subpoena, the community can help by making sure the designated person gets the notice.

This means that everyone should follow the local laws and also defend them. As much as you want to help, you mustn’t interfere with the whole process. Your job is to assist. Additionally, your assistance should not be a hindrance to law enforcement officers.

You may not fully appreciate one person working to minimize community crime. But a thousand minds working together can work wonders.

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