Facing the Emerging Anxiety Through the Music Community

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The importance of mental health amidst the pandemic COVID-19 has become the government’s issue. World Health Organization (WHO) reported over 60% disruptions to mental health services following the tremendous increase in demand for mental health services.

The anxiety of losing their job, a worsening economy, the lack of direct social interactions, their fear of being infected by COVID-19, and many other factors had caused the rising issues of mental health.

Hardly finding the resolve to this issue, WHO encourages the world’s society to invest in mental health.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the mental health issue is not just a country’s struggle. It is a worldwide struggle.

The Rise of People’s Awareness

According to the increasing numbers of people talking about mental illness these days, it is a sign that people’s awareness is rising. It has been rising ever since before the pandemic. The awareness was gained through the celebrities that are openly discussing mental illness. The spread of information took place from TV shows until social media campaigns

Sadly, the rise of people’s awareness doesn’t follow with the decreasing number of people with mental health issues. Especially, with the pandemic going on worldwide. In some studies even say that mental health is the shadow pandemic of COVID-19.

Access to professionals remains dismal even when the awareness has risen. Previously written, the 60% disruptions to mental health services are a sign of the government’s struggle. They hardly keep up with the rising demand for mental health services.

The impact of the government’s inability to tackle the issue might cost someone’s life. The world is in dire need to raise people’s awareness and help each other. Even without intervention from the government.

Therefore, many communities with their concern for mental health started to emerge. One of the well-known communities is the Musician’s Community.

Healing Through Music

The pandemic’s biggest impact on society is its economic impact. The increasing unemployment sent the biggest blow to most of the people. The art and performing industry are suffering the biggest blow. Concerts are canceled due to their potential of gathering people that might create another cluster. Numbers of theaters are closed, also following the restriction of gathering people.

Live performing musicians also losing their job because of the lockdown policy. Most of the musicians gained their income through concerts, shows, and live performances. Thus, causing them to suffer from the economic impact. Departing from this starting point, a lot of communities emerged. Especially, from the musicians.

Most of them showing their support to their colleagues. The ones who are struggling to overcome their anxiety after going through massive unemployment. MusiCares, for example. They gathered the COVID-19 Relief Fund to provide relief to music industry professionals who are struggling with their anxiety after losing their jobs. Other communities are holding a virtual concert with top celebrity musicians to gather donations because of COVID-19’s impact.

There are more communities emerging and most of them start to focus on people’s mental health.

Expanding the Music Community

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Starting a community to assist the government in facing COVID-19 will certainly helpful. For the musicians, it is still possible to expand the capability of the community.

Expanding means more than just adding their services, but also recruiting more members to be a part of their community.

It is more than just giving the relief fund, this community can spread positive vibes using their skill.

According to research, learning musical instruments can help people to reduce their anxiety and depression. Thus, teaching instrumental lessons, such as piano lessons or courses, guitar lessons, or even as simple as maracas, will expand the positive vibes to the larger audience.

Through the skill they gained from the music community combined with their access to the community, they can do more. They will not only overcome their anxiety, but they also have the potential to recruit more people.

The professionals also can do more than teaching and recruiting amateurs. The music community might as well consider jointly creating soothing songs or music that could be streamed through popular music sites.

Most people listen to music as their stress relief. Creating a playlist to cure someone’s anxiety will help people to feel better, even if it’s just for slightly.

The overwhelming numbers of people are suffering from anxiety attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them are either fearing the infection possibility or the economic impact of COVID-19.

Showing their solidarity towards the society, the community of musicians emerged. Their concern is not only about the affected musicians, but also about people’s mental health.

Their concern for helping people who are struggling with anxiety had helped society.

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