Online Education in the Pandemic: How to Enhance Your Learning at Home

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed various industries in many ways, and that includes the education sector. This crisis has led to school closures and paved the way for online education as an alternative. In fact, more than 1.2 billion students have been out of the classrooms, where most of them are now studying from home and some are getting Singapore tuition.

There’s no doubt that the rise of e-learning is gradually taking ground in the world of education. Research shows that online education appears to boost learning while taking less time for studying. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t put in the work as a student.

Here’s how to enhance your online learning at home amid the pandemic:

1. Have a dedicated space for studying

Having a study area can make a difference in your online education. You need a dedicated space where you can focus on your remote learning without getting distracted. This study room will most likely be in your bedroom. However, it’s a good idea if you can set up a particular space at home exclusively for your online education. Of course, this must be conducive for studying and learning. Be sure it has fewer distractions such as noises, electronic devices, and household members getting in and out of the room.

2. Set up all your needed tools and resources

Remote learning all the more requires the use of tools and resources. These include basic things such as a personal computer or laptop, a headset, and a camera. Before the pandemic, almost all the learning resources are provided by the school. But during this pandemic, students have to use their personal devices and tools. If you’re serious about learning, you may want to invest in or upgrade your resources that will enhance your online learning. Fret not, as you can utilize these resources for your work and professional life.

3. Separate your education from your personal and professional life

Studying from home can be a bit challenging for most students. Why? It can be hard to draw the line between your personal space and your online education. While you stick to your schedule for your online class, you can easily and quickly be distracted by what’s going on inside your house. If you’re working while studying from home, it can be hard to juggle between the two as well. But you have to keep a balance between work and study. Ultimately, it all boils down to time management — come up with a routine schedule and stick to it.

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4. Have room for flexibility

When it comes to remote learning, flexibility is the key. Gone are the days when education in a classroom setting was streamlined. Teachers had to follow certain standards, and students must strictly comply. Today, mentors have to find ways to boost learning in a remote setup brought about by the pandemic. Apart from online classes, they provide modules, use video clips, produce e-books, and offer other alternative forms of learning. As they have become more flexible than ever, students have to adapt as well. As a student having to contend with a remote setup, you must be as flexible as possible.

5. Be sure to communicate

Communication is the key to success, and this applies to online education as well. Of course, there’s a huge difference in communication between a classroom setting and a virtual space. Teachers won’t hear and see everything. They might be oblivious to what’s happening to you and the other students. Therefore, you must always be proactive and communicative. That said, inform your mentor if you have some issues at home. Also, ask valid questions if you don’t understand or need clarification. Ultimately, participate in an online discussion to enhance learning further.

6. Have a healthy habit

Having a healthy lifestyle may not necessarily be a direct step in enhancing your online learning. However, it makes a difference in your online education. These include eating properly, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly. These have an indirect effect on how you learn in a remote setup. For instance, if you sleep well, you will most likely focus more during your online class. The same is true if you schedule a time for a workout as you will feel more energetic and less lethargic in your online class.

There’s no doubt how the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the education sector. While online learning appears to be an excellent alternative to traditional education, you must do your part as a student. To enhance your online learning, be sure to follow our key recommendations discussed above. As education will always be a priority, nothing can stop you from learning—not even a pandemic.

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