Social Distancing Rules Have Prompted People to Have Small Gatherings at Home

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Governments worldwide have established social distancing or physical distancing guidelines to contain the coronavirus that’s affecting the lives of millions from different nations. The guidelines encourage people to keep a safe space between them and other individuals who aren’t from your household — and this extends to small gatherings.

Officials have encouraged people to adhere to guidelines and prompt people to celebrate occasions intimately at home, meaning fewer guests and stricter rules. Although this may be the case, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy special days like birthdays and anniversaries.

Here’s how you can make the most out of small gatherings — while celebrating safely.

Celebrate in Your Own Backyard

Don’t take the risk of hosting an indoor party, no matter the weather or air quality inside your home, as the risk increases for indoor gatherings since aerosols can remain in indoor air for several hours. So, opt for an outdoor gathering for now, as they’re the safest. If the weather permits it, celebrate in your backyard. Lawn services can help keep lawns and backyards ready to receive family and close friends for intimate gatherings and celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries.

If you’ve been considering starting a lawn care business, now’s the time to do it as more people are going outside their own properties to celebrate.

Arrange Seating Smartly

Arrange seats so that guests attending your gathering are spaced at least six feet apart from other attendees — the more space, the better. Then stock each area with essentials, including hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, gloves, and masks. Direct your guests to enter through different gates if possible when arriving, and encourage them to stay put once seated, except when they need to use the bathroom.

However, it’s best to leave the doors open to your home and bathroom to let guests relieve themselves without touching doors or screens — and only let one person use the comfort room at a time.


Dealing With Food and Drinks

Avoid placing all food and drinks in one area where guests need to congregate. However, if you don’t have the means to serve each attendee with their food and drink, let the people serve themselves one at a time at the food table. Ensure you clean everything they touch using disinfectant wipes and have them use hand sanitizers before getting their food and after leaving the socially-distanced buffet area.

Communicate With Guests About COVID-19 Courtesies Beforehand

Before sending out your invites, make sure you communicate with your guests about the usual COVID-19 protocols, including wearing masks at all times, staying six feet apart from each other, hand washing regularly, and tell them to stay home if they’re feeling sick. Plus, be clear to them about who they can bring to the gathering to avoid any issues later on. After all, it’s best to ensure you don’t get any unfamiliar ‘noses’ and ‘mouths’ near you and your family.

Plus, it’s known that COVID-19 spreads the fastest through aerosols expelled by infected individuals when coughing, sneezing, talking, yelling, and singing. So, refrain from singing “Happy Birthday” around a cake for now.

Although the risk of developing severe illnesses after contracting COVID-19 may be different for everyone, anyone can still get infected — and small gatherings are just one of the many measures you can protect yourself and your family from the virus.

Embrace the tips mentioned, and enjoy small gatherings with your loved ones to the fullest — celebrating good times and making unforgettable memories safely.

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