3 Easy Hacks for Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

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Keeping a regular maintenance schedule for your air conditioning unit at home is necessary not only to keep it functioning optimally but also to extend its lifespan. On top of that, an efficient unit will also let you save money on power bills every month.

With air conditioning specialists from HVAC companies such as Airmaster to help you out, maintaining your unit should not be a problem. Yet, there are a few tasks that you can do on your own, even without professional guidance. Here are a few steps that you can take for the proper care and maintenance of your home’s air conditioning unit.

1. Clean or replace the air filter

Replacing your unit’s air filter is one of the most important things that you need to do. High-use seasons, such as summer and winter, require you to change the filter every month. Meanwhile, you can have it changed only once during the fall and spring seasons. If you have a reusable filter, you can just clean it.

Experts warn that if you do not clean or replace the filter, it will cause the airflow to be weak. This, in turn, will cause your unit to work harder and consume more energy than usual. So, make sure to check your air filter if it is free of dust and dirt. This is especially crucial if you have children who have asthma or allergies.

2. Clean the coils

The coils are responsible for moving the hot and cold air. So, it is best to keep them free of any dirt and dust that could clog the passageway. You can try cleaning the outdoor condenser unit before you hire a professional to check its parts.

You can use a brush or cloth to dust off the dirt from the air conditioner coils. You can also spray them with water and use a mild detergent, but make sure that you do not get the electrical box wet to avoid any damage.

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3. Remove any blockage

Proper airflow is a must in your air conditioning unit’s cooling system. So, inspect if there are any books, clothes or other items that are blocking your unit’s ventilation. You can try leaving at least a 12-inch distance around the unit to ensure an appropriate airflow.

Also, do not forget to check if there are any icy coils and leakage in your air conditioning unit. The chances are there is a blockage in your unit that is causing these problems.

Meanwhile, you might also want to check the thermostat, as this is the one that allow you to set just the right temperature to make everyone at home feel comfortable. It is also better to upgrade to a programmable thermostat so that you can adjust it to your needs and save on energy as well.

It is a must in every household to know how to maintain your air conditioning unit properly. But if you feel overwhelmed about it, then it is always best to hire the services of specialists and experts in your area. Choose a service provider that has been doing this for years so you can get a guarantee that they will do the job right.

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