Printing Powders for Your Thermography Printing Needs

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Thermography Printing

The printing sector has always tried to be in the forefront of any technological development they can use in their industry. One of the latest printing techniques for business prints is thermography printing. This technique uses heat to print images and text on paper. It results in a raised effect which resembles embossing and engraving and is considered a cheaper alternative to these finishing techniques.

But this kind of printing requires managing the application of heat in an effective way. The temperature of the printing material and the surface needs to reach the right number so it could fuse and remain solid. The process is now available from most companies offering printing services in Australia like Woolston Printing. These companies use powdered resins and offset printing ink to generate a raised textured print. There are several powdered resins designed to create different effects which make your prints stand out. Here are some of the powders you can pick for your printing needs.

Metallic Resin Powders

These generate a metallic sheen for your prints after melting and closely resembles foil stamping. Metallic resin powders are inexpensive and not affected by the paper colour. So they can be used on dark-coloured papers. These powders are available in copper, bronze, silver, and gold.

Laser-Safe Powders

The standard powders used in some thermographic prints can sometimes melt if placed in heat producing equipment like photocopiers and laser printers. The printing company might recommend using laser-safe powders to lessen this possibility. These are treated using UV light after their application. The treatment enables the powders to remain stable when exposed to heat. It gives prints a professional appearance regardless of the paper stock used.

High Viscosity Powders

Most business prints nowadays include images and drawings. If they want to maintain the details and fine lines on these images, high viscosity powders are the ideal option for your printing needs. This way, the images remain sharp and convey your message accurately.

Static Resistant Powders

Thermography Printing Machine

The process often builds up static electricity during application. In such cases, using static resistant powders could minimise the effect.


Many companies often use glitter to thermal resins for a sparkling effect. The amount of glitter often depends on the application so the printer could achieve the effect the client desires. Glitter is often added after the process.

Pearlescent Resin

This resin includes other pigments that could produce a pearl-like sheen or appearance. Using this powder for materials such as plastic and metal often produces the best results.


Printing companies often use varnish as a coat for all applications. This process gives all four-colour printing jobs the appearance of a thermographic print.

These printing powders can be mixed with various substances to create different print effects. Thermography can be used for letterheads, business cards, wedding invitations, envelopes, greeting cards, and marketing prints. The uniqueness of thermography printing remains unmatched by other printing and finishing techniques, so you should consider the requirements of your printing needs to achieve the best results.

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