Decorating Ideas That Make Your Home Messier—And How to Solve Them

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Summer is in full swing, but with the threat of coronavirus still to contend with, you have no reprieve from the heat apart from your home (and your pool in the yard). Of course, you’d want your home to look as light and airy as possible. But what if the way you have decorated looks more cluttered than the cozy one you imagined last fall?

Plenty of people have made this mistake before. It’s easy to go overboard in decorating, especially if you want to make your home as comfortable as possible. Besides, the problem with a cluttered-looking space comes down to a few decorating mistakes. We emphasize what they are and how you can fix them below.

1. Overstuffing and accessorizing

Shelves, tables, and seating are the biggest pieces of furniture in a typical home, and they’re all essential for a functional living space. However, having too many pieces of furniture or choosing ones that are the wrong scale for your room can instantly overwhelm your space and make it look messy. The same can be said about other pieces of décor like frames on walls and tabletop decorations.

When choosing accessories and furniture, keep the scale of your space in mind. Make sure the pieces you select will leave plenty of negative space, which makes your room look more polished.

2. Having too many accent pillows

Accent pillows are great accessory pieces in a living room because the different colors and textures can help you instantly liven your space up. But going overboard with the number of pillows you place on your sofa creates a haphazard look, not to mention it leaves you no space to sit.

When placing accent pillows, stick to somewhere between two and four, depending on the scale of your couch or sofa.

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3. Adding a wrong-sized rug

Rugs bring the look of any space together. They act as an anchor point for every other piece of furniture and décor, especially in the living room. However, rugs that are too small can make a room look smaller—and more cramped.

When choosing a rug for your living room, pick a large floor rug with a modern flair that can give your space a contemporary look while anchoring every piece of furniture to it.

4. Leaving wires and cords exposed

Your television, cable, gaming consoles, power strips, and other pieces of technology all have some kind of wires and cords. When setting your TV up, you might forget to consider how these cords will look. Leaving them exposed is a surefire way to make a room look messy.

Solve this problem by hiding the cords behind other decorations or using cable concealers in a color that blends perfectly with your wall. Not only will this keep your cords hidden, but it will also keep them from being a tangled mess.

5. Using too many colors

Pops of color are welcome when decorating a room, especially if your walls and floor are in neutral tones. However, selecting accessories and other accent pieces in way too many different colors can make your room look disorganized.

Instead, stick to choosing pieces in different shades of the same hue or palette. This way, you have a variety in color, but your room still looks put together.

With these decorating ideas, you can free up your living space. You can decorate and make it look fresh and ready for the summer.

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