Dental Practice: How to Plan Your Office Design

Setting up a Dental Clinic
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Every dental practice has its own story to tell and patient experience to offer. Because of this, the design and environment of your dental office must reflect your brand philosophy. With this in mind, the most effective and successful dental practices are designed with the practitioner’s specific brand and practice in mind. Generally speaking, your dental office’s overall function must direct its layout and form instead of just adapting function and practicality for a design that’s already prearranged.

Top Considerations for Dental Office Design

You can plan your dental office’s overall layout and form based on the services you are going to provide. Ask yourself how you want your practice to focus on and how you envision it in the near future. Questions to ask may include the following:

1. What services do you want to offer?

2. How many practitioners and employees would use the office?

3. How many dental treatment rooms would you require?

4. How many patients are you expecting?

5. What kinds of ancillary dental equipment would you be using?

Dental Office Clinic's Setup and Layout

It’s likewise critical to have design goals in mind before your architect could hammer out the design and dental office solutions that you need. In general, designing a dental office is akin to designing a manufacturing facility. You need to focus on your production area initially, followed by support areas, treatment spaces, administrative areas, and then the reception area.

The Use of Dental Technologies

You also have to anticipate future technological advancements in dental office solutions and equipment so that you can try and plan accordingly. These days, for example, the most commonly used technologies include those that efficiently generate dental imagery including digital radiography, digital cameras, as well as intraoral video cameras. But other more advanced equipment, such as 3-D printers, curing lights, air abrasion, patient entertainment and education systems, and electric hand devices, are now being increasingly used in many dental offices.

Your dental office’s design requires your personal touch to make sure that everything speaks to and evoke your brand philosophy. After all, no one knows your brand more than you do. So keep these considerations in mind and find a professional with ample experience in creating and outfitting dental offices.

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