Domains Comprising the Network+ N10-007 Certification

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The IT industry is highly competitive, and you need more than enthusiasm to get ahead and benefit from the available opportunities in this exciting field. One of the certifications guaranteed to boost your career is the network+ certification. This certification is meant for all entry-level computer support experts who wish to increase their basic knowledge of networking concepts. This will launch their careers in network administration and support.

To meet the demands of the ever-changing IT sector, the network+ certification is periodically updated. The latest one is the network+ N10-007 certification which replaced the N10-006. This certification focuses on network resiliency and security and comprises different domain topics to get the message across. The following are these domain topics.

Networking Concepts

This domain will concentrate on the detailed review of current basic terminologies and the basics of networking. It covers networking protocols, ports, application, devices, and OSI layers. Here you will also cover the properties of network traffic, compare network topologies, technologies, and types and learn how to configure IP addressing components. Cloud concepts encompassing Iaas and SaaS, its delivery concepts and security considerations are also covered under networking concepts.


This topic centers on the proper formation of networks using the appropriate technologies, the positioning of devices and correct cabling. In the configuration and installation of devices, you will cover modems, bridges, hubs, firewalls, and routers while the ‘appropriate cabling solutions’ topic increases your knowledge of termination points, Ethernet deployment standards’ and connectors. Advanced networking devices such as proxy servers, IDS/IPS, VoIP, and content filters and virtual components like routers, switches, and SAN and NAS connection and storage types are also covered under infrastructure.

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Network Operations

This domain has been compressed to 17% in N10-007 certification from 20% in the N10-006 certification. It includes business continuity, disaster recovery, monitoring, scanning, and proper documentation and policies. Disaster recovery and business continuity focus on backup types, recovery sites, power management, fault tolerance, clustering, and load balancing. Under proper documentation and policies, you will grasp fundamental concepts on safety procedures, data loss prevention, BYOD, passwords and remote network access.

Network Security

With the increase in cybercrime, this domain’s percentage was increased to 20% from 18% in the N10-006 certification. Under physical network security devices, you will learn how to implement video surveillance, asset tracking tags and tamper detection for detecting security breaches and biometrics, locks, badges and FOBs for network protection. Network security also covers the mitigation of modern network attacks like phishing, spoofing, ransomware, DoS and brute forcing.

Network Troubleshooting and Tools

This domain focuses on your role in the discovery of network issues and the available tools at your disposal to correct the problems. Some of the software tools currently available include port scanners, Wi-Fi analyzers, bandwidth speed testers, and packet sniffers. The available hardware tools for fixing network issues include light meters, spectrum analyzers, loopback adapters, and tone generators.

Virtually everything in business, manufacturing and government operations nowadays runs on some form of IT. From an employment perspective, the above domains covered in network+ N10-007 certification will open numerous job opportunities for you. Most employers are now on the lookout for this certification for their network-related positions.

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