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Marketing, as many people know it, is a department in a company. But what exactly does it do? Marketing is what it takes to increase brand and product awareness. It involves not only advertising and promoting the product line but also delivering the right messaging to the desired demographic of the company.

In marketing, professionals focus on catching the attention of their audience, who may be willing to spend on their product. They do this through brand affiliations, endorsements and promotion from public figures, and advertising basics like slogans, packaging design, and overall media exposure.


Promotion is pretty straightforward. It uses market research and branding to reach the desired demographic with promotional items on different possible platforms. But what people don’t realize is that making these publications is a whole industry in its own right. The promotional products industry involves a lot of things outside the actual process of making the products, such as the networking needed to get the reach you want and the logistics needed to deliver these products as efficiently and targeted as possible.

Market research

A common misconception about marketing as a field of work is that it’s only focused on pre-existing products. But even before companies launch a product, professionals need to carry out market research. This only goes to show that marketing encompasses the product life cycle, from creation into sales.

Market research involves assessing the marketability of a certain product. It ensures the idea is feasible enough to be profitable if it’s targeted to a demographic that is willing to spend money on such a product.

Even without a certain product in mind yet, market research can help create an idea based on in-demand products. It helps brands explore niche markets and brings something that can disrupt them positively.


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Branding is another thing that often gets overlooked. The whole concept of a business must be represented through branding. The goal of branding is to create a consistent, memorable aesthetic and messaging.

Branding makes your company memorable on customers while allowing them to know what to expect from you. In a way, it helps you distinguish yourself from the competitors, showing your audience what makes you the better choice. How effective the branding is will play a big part in how the promotion will fare in the long run.

This may get even harder when you are creating a product under an already-existing brand. Because with already actualized branding, it can be difficult to come up with a new product aesthetic that will go with your marketing plan while staying consistent with the overarching messaging of the brand. Still, branding, in a way, serves as a guide to help you promote each item in the product line consistently.

Marketing is something every brand should pay more attention to. The effectivity of every aspect of the process involving marketing will make the product or brand more reputable and appealing to the consumer. That, of course, can translate to more customers and higher sales.

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