From Mediation to Patents: Lawyers Can Do It All

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Lawyers serve essential functions in society. One of their responsibilities is to carry out their role as officers of the law. For clients, that means informing them of their legal rights and reconciling their interests with the other party. As a neutral mediator, lawyers provide the information and guidance that competing parties need to arrive at a solution that they can both work with. What are the services that lawyers can offer you?


Imagine an organization in Lithgow whose workers are decrying their work conditions. Legal advice and representation in negotiations for these matters require the help of a solicitor. Becoming a solicitor is often the first step for burgeoning lawyers to becoming an associate or a partner in a law firm. Solicitors meet clients on behalf of their law firms to establish their course of action. Once they create a case, they will draft arguments or contracts that clients need. Solicitors can appear on behalf of clients in legal disputes that require an appearance in court or negotiations.


A homeowner will want a Townsville conveyancing lawyer to help them sell their home and buy a new one. That’s because conveyancing lawyers handle the legal minutiae of home purchases and sales that most people don’t associate with real estate. Conveyancing lawyers enforce agreements. Attorneys take care of the procedures rendered by a sale. Lawyers ensure that all transactions with insurers, real estate agents, local government, tenants, banks, and mortgage companies proceed as planned.


For example, an inventor in Redcliffe wants to take out a patent on their new invention. A patent lawyer can help them ensure that the government recognizes their sole ownership of the invention or process and right to monetize, perform, or produce said creation. Patent lawyers make it easier for inventors to acquire patents for their creations. Attorneys in this line of work have a thorough knowledge of the law, proficiency in drafting legal documents, and capacity to go through legal procedures on their client’s behalf. This proficiency makes them indispensable for an inventor who may not be so well-versed with patent law.



A group of construction workers in Whyalla, for instance, are short-changed for their work. Lawyers specializing in employment and employees’ rights can help these workers get their due compensation. Employment benefits lawyer help both employees and employers. On behalf of employees, lawyers enforce protective labour laws that protect workers’ rights to right wages, overtime, hazard compensation, and other basic needs.


A new migrant couple in Kalgoorlie needs help to secure their child’s visa. Immigration lawyers are one of the first professionals they are likely to consult to help them reunite their family. Immigration lawyers advise and guide people through visa applications, citizenship, employment, and deportation. Migrant workers typically employ immigration lawyers to help them gain visas, iron out difficulties in their employment contracts, and become citizens of their host country. Attorneys in this field also help migrants defend their right to stay in a country, either as legal workers or as citizens.

Doing extensive research on the kinds of lawyer you need for a service can save you a lot of grief later down the line. Check the credibility of the law firm you’re thinking of contracting, consider alternative options for legal aid, and feel safe in the knowledge of your lawyer’s competency.

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