Why a Succulent Garden Could Be the Perfect Solution to Your Landscaping Woes

succulent plants
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Succulents are not only a great addition to your existing garden. They could also be the centerpiece of your entire landscaping project. Succulents are the plants of choice for many families, individuals, and couples who neither have the time nor the skills to take care of plants that require a lot of watering, fertilizing, and maintaining.

If you want to start your own succulent garden, there are plenty of residential and commercial landscaping services in Little Rock that can jumpstart it so you’ll only have to maintain the garden moving forward. But first, ask yourself why you should choose a succulent garden over a traditional one.

Easy to maintain

The word succulent comes from the Latin “succulentus”, which means “having juice.” Their thick, fleshy leaves and stems, as well as their enlarged roots, can retain water and moisture. This feature allows them to live in deserts and hot weather conditions, which are actually the natural habitat of most succulents. They thrive in a dry environment.

In fact, you can kill succulents by overwatering them, which is why it’s important that landscapers understand the need for a well-draining soil and pots with small holes at the bottom. This keeps the succulents from drowning in water. You’ll know when succulents need watering when the shiny leaves begin to wither, the soil is completely dried out, and the leaves start to shrink.

Can survive harsh weather conditions

Succulents can tolerate the worst weather conditions—from the scorching heat of summer to the teeth-grinding cold of winter. Hardy succulents or those that can survive winter and frost, include Queen Victoria Agave, Hens and Chicks, Pink Ice Plant, Chinese Dunce Cap, Blue Elf, Parry’s Agave, Bronze Carpet, and Blue Spruce. They thrive well during winter, so there’s no need to move them indoors.

Almost all succulents can tolerate the heat well, though some need to be moved under the shade so they don’t get sunburned. The cacti (although not all cacti are succulents) thrive well in hot weather conditions. Some other succulents that bloom during the summer season include the Jade Plant, Aloe Vera, Panda Plant, Pincushion Cactus, Roseum, Snake Plant, and Burro’s Tail.

Can be moved indoors

Succulent plants indoor

In some cases, when the weather gets extremely cold or hot, you can move the succulents indoors. And since they are planted in individual pots and containers, it’s easier to just haul them off right away. Succulents rarely grow too large, as well, making it easier to move multiple succulents in one go. They won’t take too much space inside your house or office.

They can be propagated

You can grow a whole garden of succulents from a couple of these plants by cutting off a piece of stem and planting it in another container. With minimal care and maintenance, these cuttings can grow into healthy-looking succulents.

Succulents are excellent choices for a landscaped garden and not only because they are easy to maintain. They are gorgeous and pristine-looking, turning every backyard or front yard into our own little sanctuaries. Just look for the right provider of succulents and landscaping services to ensure the beauty and health of your garden.

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