Good Manners, Good Buyers: 3 Etiquette Rules Homebuyers Often Overlook

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The little things matter when buying a home — like that old, musty smell in the property you just visited or the fact that it’s too near a dog park. If you don’t pay attention to these little things, it may very well be the source of buyer’s remorse later. Beyond the house’s condition and location, there’s one other “little thing” you’re at risk of overlooking: etiquette. Social rules that are unwritten, intangible, and a lot of times, tricky. If you’re buying a home for the first time, here are the etiquette rules you should never forget:

Do work with your agent.

First-time homebuyers who see a good property online make the mistake of contacting the agent directly. The proper flow of communication indicates reaching out first to your agent and then letting them get in touch with the seller’s agent. It seems like it’s a lot of phone calls and discussions before you secure a viewing, but this can do a lot of wonders in keeping this transaction as professional as possible and promoting each of the party’s best interests.
If you don’t have an agent yet, prioritize that first before going into the market. Ask your friends for recommendations. From there, filter your options based on the familiarity of the professionals on the area or neighborhood you’re targeting.

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Don’t make an offer if you’re not yet pre-approved.

Sadly, a lot of people still do this, basing their offers on estimates of their finances. Remember that sellers and their agents got themselves busy preparing for the showing and taking you on a tour. Respect their efforts by giving them the assurance that you’re serious and able to buy the property.
Before getting into the market, go loan shopping first. Check out the home loan rates that Utah County lenders offer. Compare quotes and apply for the best deal. Keep your financial status healthy. Check your credit score. Pay off debts and avoid new ones. Save up cash. And most importantly, stay in your job.

Do show up at viewings on time.

It’s common decency to be punctual, but when you’re buying a home, trying to impress the seller or their agent, this etiquette becomes more crucial. Unfortunately, a lot of people take this for granted, believing that they’re the ones who have the buying power in the relationship and so showing up anytime they want is justified.
Well, flash news, you’re not just the one with the buying power. A lot of other people in the market could be vying for the same house you’re eyeing. They could also have a higher offer that would make agents say yes in an instant. Treat every viewing with utter respect. Value your relationship with the sellers’ agents. Show up on time. If you can’t make it, inform the agent early on.
Etiquette is a crucial element when going through the journey of home buying. No matter how stressful and exhausting it is, be respectful and courteous towards people, most especially the sellers and agents. Otherwise, you could lose the home of your dreams.

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