Great Side Projects: Additional Income Ideas

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Financial difficulties may happen to anyone. As you start to have more responsibilities, you need to find ways to expand your revenue stream. If you’re looking for more ways to earn extra money, here are some ideas you should check out:
The Breakthroughs

The minimum wage for an average American is more or less 7.25 US dollars per hour, depending on some states which have either higher or lower rates. The average monthly rent is a whopping 1,000-1,400 US dollars. This means even if you worked overtime and weekends, you will still barely cover all the necessary expenses you have to make to survive. It has become a pipe dream to even have enough left to indulge in a rewarding gift after working so hard.

With the right motivation and endless determination, you will be able to pay off your living expenses while living comfortably. Financial stability is hard to come by these days, but never impossible. Read on to find out how you can turn your life around through these tips.

1. Paid surveys

Did you know people earn money by simply filling out some forms and offering their opinion on certain products? There are various online sites that offer paid feedback to those willing to write a few thought pieces regarding their services. While the monetary gain from these surveys is modest, frequent participation will earn you extra money for a small effort.

2. Cashback shopping

If you’re not someone with a natural affinity for words but love online shopping, maybe this is the right platform for you. Instead of buying purchases with the exact amount, one can earn a little something extra in return and enjoy the discounts it comes with from cashback. You can download any favorite shopping application and check to see if they offer cashback returns. While this is also a small gain at the start, if you do it frequently you will find yourself saving up to 25 percent of what you would normally spend in full.


3. Buy and sell domain names

Because of today’s digital economy, staying innovative and niche is the new standard. If you are good at researching undiscovered potential domain names, you may have potential at buying and reselling those sites. There are many online platforms that offer domain names for as low as 2 dollars per year, but if you let the website age well, you can earn up to 1 million dollars once the right company gets a hold of your hoarded site.

4. Entrepreneurship

Arguably one of the most popular ways to earn extra money, starting a small business can be a passion project that ends up helping you out big-time in the long run. Many celebrities are hopping on the bandwagon because it offers them complete authority over their work as well as the convenience of having a lax management system. There are many areas for a business you can explore, such as starting a hotdog restaurant franchise or opening a make-up line.

5. Freelance work

Another popular option, especially among millennials, is having the ease of working on an output-based work model. You have the flexibility of working remotely. The only problem here is job security. So make sure to choose a reputable remote agency.

There is no shame in having to live paycheck to paycheck. As long as you grind every day with the highest level of integrity, you can surpass all these challenges in no time!

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