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The English countryside can be one of the most romantic and relaxing settings. Picture a rustic cottage in the middle of a field or meadow, surrounded by hundreds of English roses in full bloom. Not only are they a sight to behold, but these flowers also fill the air with their intoxicating scent. If you’ve always wanted an English rose garden, you can make one by yourself no matter where your location is.

If you’re from Salt Lake City, you can ask a garden supplier for a good stock of seeds and cuttings for English roses. This type of rose is often referred to as the “perfect” rose because of its ability to rebloom as well as being potent and fragrant. It is also known for its cup-shaped blooms with multiple layers of silky, soft petals.

English Roses in the USA

English roses can be planted and grown anywhere in the world. However, they favor cool summers and milder climates. Some varieties can grow in hotter climates, but they need to be placed in the shade when the sun gets too hot. Too much direct sunlight can cause vivid colors to fade a bit, so it is highly advised to plant your roses on the east side of your house where there is more shade.

Planting Your roses

For beginners, experts suggest he bright red Benjamin Britten variety of the James Galway which has a pink hue. For pastel-lovers, the Lady of Shalott is perfect because of its apricot-colored blooms. Potted roses are best planted during spring or fall at around 2 to 3 inches deep. This will give it time to grow a solid root system. Add organic matter, water, and mulch for better results.

Water and Fertilizer

Freshly planted English roses should be kept moist, so water the flowers every other day. Once it has adjusted to the climate, you can adopt a more relaxed watering schedule for the blooms. Adding fertilizer after planting and again after the first blooms have arrived helps stimulate re-blooming during the summer. This is an excellent tip to bear in mind if you want your garden always to have brightly-colored flowers in full bloom.

Pruning and Cutting

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You can prune English roses and shape them however you want in the spring. Pruning the roses farther will result in more abundant flowers, but maybe less blooms. On the other hand, pruning just the damaged tips will result in smaller but profuse blooms. Remember to prune off the dead flowers towards the end of fall. When it comes to cutting English roses, the only slight problem is that some varieties have shorter stems. To work around this, look for vases that work well with arching and cupped blooms.

Planting English roses in your garden will add color, scent, and a focal space in the landscape. For public gardens, this usually where park benches are added so that guests can spend more time looking at the lovely blooms.

With a garden this beautiful, there’s no reason for passersby not to stop and smell the roses.

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