How to Make the Most of Your Store’s Vertical Space

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It’s often difficult to maximise a small place for a business location, especially if you have a lot of stock to store or items to display. Your customers shouldn’t tiptoe or wade through a crowded corridor to get the things they want.

The physical appearance of your store may, in fact, affect your shoppers’ perception of your products’ quality. However, you don’t have to be stuck on the horizontal plane when it comes to organising your items. It’s time to make use of your store’s vertical space, so you don’t have to waste precious time and money looking for another place or leasing storage rooms.

Here are projects to get you started.

Make the Necessary Sacrifices

Although you may want to save as much merchandise as you can when going vertical, you still have to let go of some things to make your space look clean. If you have a mascot installed inside, you may want to have it greet your customers outside, so they don’t bump into it when they enter your store. Are there unnecessary bins laying around? Throw them out or repurpose them. Strip your store down to its essentials like the products, shelves, and counters. You won’t regret losing some stuff when you see how roomy your space looks without them.

Use Floating Shelves

You usually see floating wall shelves in homes or offices. It’s not hard to see why; they look neat, and you can personalise them to fit the atmosphere you want in your office or workplace. For stores, this is an opportunity to use your vertical space to showcase your collection of products. Depending on how big your shelves are going to be, you may need help from a contractor as it involves using wall brackets and power tools like drills and circular saws.

Consider Pegboards

Like floating shelves, pegboards are as stylish as they are functional. For your backroom and service desk, you can use the pegboard to store equipment in an organised and visually pleasing way. If you’re running a clothing store, you can use it to display different kinds of accessories, from bracelets to bags. You can find pegboards in different sizes at your nearest furniture, office supply, or hardware store. Like floating shelves, you may need to hire a contractor or carpenter to locate the best place on your wall to install a pegboard, as it is pretty heavy.

Rethink Your Location’s Layout

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If you’re using standing shelves for your business, you’re already doing great when it comes to using vertical space. However, you can always optimise their layout to help customers get to what they need and more. Keep your best-selling and flagship items at your shoppers’ eye level and spread them across the shelves. This way, your customers get to explore every aisle and find additional things to buy.

Having a small store shouldn’t limit the way you showcase your items. It shouldn’t compromise your customers’ comfort while navigating your aisles, too. Use your vertical space to store and display your products, and back them up with a practical layout. Even you will be surprised at how spacious your store looks.

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