How to Win More Commercial Cleaning Contracts

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As in any industry, there is a great deal of competition in the cleaning services business. Business owners would agree that one of the most difficult tasks to master is how to make their commercial cleaning business stand out so they can win more contracts. While office cleaning is an integral part of a company’s maintenance plan, there are businesses which would opt to do their own office cleaning rather than get the services of a commercial cleaning company. So, as an owner of a cleaning services business, how can you increase your company’s value to the industry and inspire loyalty among customers? Here are some tips that can help.

Revisit Marketing Strategy

Make your company more visible by employing different marketing strategies. Try to combine traditional and modern approaches. Hand out leaflets and brochures, but also create a comprehensive company website to establish your online presence. Take time in building a compelling company profile and invest in online marketing to increase traffic to your website.

Generate Leads

Gone are the days of waiting for clients to approach you and inquire about the services that you provide. Make a list of your potential clients and introduce your business to them. Even if they have an existing contract with a different company or are doing their own cleaning, it won’t hurt to ask for a meeting so you can provide them with a competitive quote. Before sending a proposal, it is important that you inquire about the cleaning issues they face and tailor-fit your proposal according to their requirements. While your prospects are looking for competence, what’s more important for them to know is how you can take care of their needs.

Partner with Local Organisations

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One way to build your reputation is to partner with organisations in your locale. Get in touch with companies with a similar target market but in a different industry, like real estate agents, landscapers, or HVAC repair and maintenance contractors. These companies may have established relationships with businesses who are looking for cleaning services.

Establish a Referral Program

People would often check reviews and testimonials before buying a product. The same goes for your cleaning company. Reach out to your best customers and ask them to write a review or testimonial for your company. Tell them that you don’t need a lengthy review, it would be enough to have them write why they like doing business with you and how you’ve helped their business. This will give your prospective clients more confidence in choosing you as a contractor.

Deliver as Promised

Looking good on paper is not enough. For you to build a good reputation and gain your clients’ trust, you should be able to deliver the services that you have guaranteed in your proposal. Commit to providing excellent customer service by using the latest cleaning techniques and equipment and training your staff well so they can carry out the high-quality results.

Running a business is not an easy task. You need to constantly think of ways that will enable you to remain at a competitive position in your industry. Following these best practices may not guarantee that you can win contracts all the time, but they will help you attract customers and possibly build a long-term relationship with them.

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