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One of the greatest things to be thankful to be born in this era is that people choose whether to work at home or go to the office. Imagine how incredible it is to have these kinds of choices because they had to commute or drive to go to their jobs in older generations.

With the advancement of technology, people can now decide to work at home through online jobs. But you have to be qualified to do this, especially with IT jobs. For example, in hiring an employee for an IT position, a company will look into the credentials such as a CompTIA Network+ n10 007 certificate to ensure that the person is eligible for the job.

Here are a few ways people can earn money online:

 1. Right now, there are so many social media applications that are accessible to most people

Some are into online gaming; some enjoy playing with makeup and dolling themselves up, while others have the natural talent to share stories with other people and many others. This is how millennials can start earning money by streaming their games online, doing vlogs, or making 30-second entertaining videos. If you have a camera at home or a good phone will do and some excellent editing skills, this is for you.

When you are first starting, it does not matter if the equipment you have, when you are first beginning, is not expensive; what matters is that you enjoy what you do, and you can build yourself up from there.

2. One might enjoy eating all sorts of food and love tasting different flavors from various cultures

Others might love what they do in school and decide to share it with everyone. Blogging is a good way to earn. It is pretty straightforward and does not need much. If you enjoy writing and sharing your thoughts, then this is probably for you.

People can make food blogs and talk about how they wanted the flavors or critique them. Others can create an educational blog that would be a big help to share information across the internet. This way, you share what you’re passionate about by writing it down and getting to earn from it

3. Another easy way to earn money would be selling online

People who enjoy making accessories or making clothes can quickly sell them online. If they have the knack for making small accessories, then it would be an eye-catcher online. Another way to earn money that millennials can do in the comfort of their own homes, sure if they are creative enough, they can make anything that is on the trend and sell it online. And if they might not have the talent for creating accessories, they can sell their clothes or shoes that they aren’t using anymore or even some that they haven’t used and just stored them.

4. Last but not least is for the millennials that have such creative minds and enjoy writing stories that can be both fiction or nonfiction

It would be amazing to continue what you are passionate about writing stories and earning from it. There are many ways you can sell your books online, but this way of making money would need much of your time and effort in writing. But it all pays off in the end when you have readers that enjoy your story and even earn some from it.

If you prefer to work physical jobs, there are a plethora of options you can choose from. Not everyone wants to be online 24/7. Most of the younger generations like to limit their online presence to family and friends. 

Here are some physical jobs you can apply for:

1. Telemarketers

If you’re a millennial who doesn’t want to go to the university, you can apply to call centers. This job doesn’t require you a college degree, but you need to have the patience to talk to people every day over the phone.

2. Receptionists

If you have a knack for customer service, you can apply in hotels, restaurants, and resorts. All you need to do is welcome guests, assist them with what they want, hand them keys to their rooms, and make sure that they have a good time.

3. Waiting Tables

From the moment millennials turned sixteen, most of them got jobs doing waitressing jobs. This is the easiest job you can do if you are in high school and you want to earn your own money, but it is also the hardest because it needs lots of patience, mainly when serving rude customers.

4. Bartending Jobs

Serving drinks in the bar requires special skills. Some millennials like to be working in bars because of the fun environment. It would be best to have at least done vocational bartending education if you want to go into this business.

A lot of the new generations have done what the past generations couldn’t. They have a balanced work life and social life. Millennials like to focus on their careers before they even want to get married. They are very creative when it comes to making money.

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