Keep calm and stay informed on your rights when thrown in jail

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Wrongful convictions are more common than you would like to think. A recent study conducted in the United States involving different legal practitioners who were asked to estimate the recurrence of a miscarriage of justice admitted that approximately 10,000 false arrests were made each year – and the number was expected to grow.

Most cases of miscarriage of justice are largely unpublicized and undisclosed for the consumption of the general public, but that does not stop the reality of the poor people being wrongfully victimized for crimes they did not commit. As scary as it sounds, this set-up can happen to just about anyone.

If you find yourself belonging to the unlucky 10,000 at one point in your life, stay informed of which rights you are within the legal bounds to exercise. Do not be overwhelmed by the numerous legal jargon they throw at you and trust your gut.

  1. Do not resist.

This is less legal advice and more on the practical side – if you want to survive this untimely encounter, do not attempt to engage in any form of resistance with the officer in charge of detaining you. As unfair as it might seem, doing this can save you from a more serious charge in the future as well as keep you from getting physically hurt. Make sure to keep both of your hands (if applicable) visible to the officer at all times and do not reach for any of your personal belongings until told to do so.

  1. Stay silent.

Upon hearing a detailed iteration of the crime you are being held against for (that you are positively sure you didn’t commit), your instinct would be to chatter way explaining exactly why you didn’t do anything and so on. But doing this can make things worse for the case. Do not attempt to talk your way out of it and wait until you get to the station where you will have more freedom to exercise your rights.

  1. Ask for your lawyer.


The only time you should speak, aside from giving them your name and all other information they deem necessary, is when you exercise your right to a lawyer. Even if you can’t afford one, is it within your rights to be assigned one from the court. The lawyer will then explain the situation and suggest multiple options you can take to get out of jail, such as availing a bail bonds service in Summit County, for example.

  1. Be treated humanely.

Throughout this whole ordeal, the detained should never be made to feel less like a person. Everyone has the fundamental right to be treated like a human, no matter how grave the crime they are being accused of. Should you have been deprived of necessities such as food and water, your rights have been violated, and you are legally allowed to file a complaint against unfair treatment.

  1. Get a speedy trial.

Another thing people often forget is that the government must process cases as fast as possible. They are not allowed to drag it around and wait until it goes to trial where more complex matters can arise. You are entitled to get this over with as quickly as possible, even if that may not often be the case.


To each their own, someone once said. But there comes a certain point someone else’s misdemeanors become yours to falsely share. Stay honest with yourself and your intentions because justice should always prevail.

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