Keeping Event Venues Clean After an Event: Can You Do It?

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You do not want to have the reputation of leaving trash after an event or activity. People can be sensitive to the sight of people leaving garbage. Every year, a total of 1.3 billion tons of waste are produced all over the world. These are five things that you can do to eliminate the trash left during your event:

Rent a tipping truck

For you to have an effective plan on how to eliminate the trash after a big event, you need to acknowledge that you need a place to collect all the trash bins. One consideration that may arise during the planning is how to bring the trash to that one place. A tipper truck will be able to help in the transport of all rubbish. Make sure that you properly get rid of all the rubbish, and include not only tipper trucks but also recycling bins and regular waste bins.

Form an aftercare committee

For you to be able to make sure that there will be no trash or garbage lying around after the event, you should assign a committee that will supervise the aftercare. Horse and Hound says that having a designated committee for the job will be able to make the job much easier and faster.

If possible, you may also want to assign a specific person in the group to head the aftercare so that you will easily coordinate them. Just give them a list of the things that you want to happen so they will treat it as a checklist.

Bring the right cleaning products and supplies

If your event venue is a function room or hall, make sure that the cleaning process will be effective and efficient. You should have the right cleaning products and supplies. You can start by having brooms, dustpans, and mops in the area, which will help you get rid of the dust and garbage on the floor.

You should also not forget to bring some detergent, rags, and some room disinfectant. Train your staff to clean the walls, door handles and seats, so everything will be ready for the event.

Try to keep the cleaning time to an hour

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Cleaning time should not take more than an hour as everyone is going to be tired after the event for sure. So as much as possible, you should instruct the team that is designated to finish within an hour of starting. Of course, it is going to be accomplished in a much faster manner if there are a lot of people in the team.

Your cleaning staff should also have designated duties, so they will only carry the equipment they need, and everyone will focus only on their designated duties. Additionally, they will not be loaded with different materials and tools.

Any event can be made more interesting when your venue is clean. Discuss with the organiser and the owner of the venue on what you need to maintain the area’s cleanliness, so your guests will thoroughly enjoy the event.

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