Make a Memorable First Impression Using These Proven Tips

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First impressions matter a lot. The first few seconds of meeting people determine the nature of the interaction. Whatever the setting; whether business or casual it is important to ensure that you create a great impression of yourself.

One that is going to be remembered and set up apart the right way. The following tips have been proven to help in creating a good first impression.

1. Dress to impress.

How you dress will determine the first perception people have of you. You should, therefore, dress appropriately according to the specific occasion. Researching about the occasion beforehand will help you figure out your dressing.

Ensure that you wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident as it will help boost our mood. If going for an evening date, for example, go for a well-fitting appropriate dress. The event’s theme colors should influence the choice of color.

Remember, how you accessorize also counts. Ensure that you invest in quality fashion jewelry that you can buy from a jewelry pawn shop in Salt Lake City, Utah — a matching pair of shoes and purse. Dressing to impress does not require you to have an overhaul of your entire wardrobe.

You can work with what you have by being creative. Remember to always iron your clothes to remove the wrinkles. A clean pair of shoes, socks, and handkerchief are great essentials in good dressing too.

2. Mind your body language.

Studies have revealed that non-verbal cues greatly influence our communication. In fact, it is reported that up to 80% of our communication happens non-verbally. It is therefore important to mind your body language when meeting someone for the first time.

A smile ranks on top of the most appropriate expressions. It makes you look happy and engaging. Always maintain a relaxed and upright posture when seated. Make eye contact and lean in to show interest in the conversation and exhume confidence.

Try not to appear nervous especially before a crowd or an interview panel. Use hand gestures while expressing yourself to boost confidence. You can also rehearse power poses when preparing for the meeting. Additionally, you can watch other people’s body language and learn from them.

3. Always be on time.

man talking to the phone looking at his watchLateness more often than not sends a negative first impression. It shows disorganization and lack of enthusiasm on your end. It will also make you more nervous and unsettled. Habitual lateness ultimately works against you as you will appear irresponsible and unreliable.

If you are going for a pre-arranged appointment such as an interview or a meeting ensure that you get there earlier than planned if not on time. Timekeeping sells you as a responsible and reliable person.

You will also have enough time to relax your mind and familiarize yourself with your surroundings. It is therefore prudent to avoid being late, especially for first encounters.

The adage saying that there are no second chances in the first impression still holds. As you prepare for your next interview, meeting with clients or first date, use the tips discussed above and ace your first impression.

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