No Excuses: Exercise Without Worrying About the Budget and Space

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Staying healthy is a serious matter. You should treat it like it’s your job. It is an investment that requires much time and effort. If need be, you can hire a fitness coach for a training program so that you can have someone guide you through the whole process. But it will be all worth it; it will result in a better you. You will notice that the things that give you a hard time become easier as time goes by. You will be able to climb stairs and walk inclined roads without breaking a sweat. What used to be heavy objects will become lighter to you. Your overall quality of life will improve.

It’s fine for you to get a gym membership. But if you are thinking twice about spending, why not build yourself one at home? After all, even with a membership, there would be times where you can’t go even if you want to. You can buy some equipment that you can use at home even if you don’t have that much space. Here are some essentials that can help you get fitter:


carrying dumbbells

It’s best to get a pair so that you can work on much of your upper body strength more efficiently. If not, you can get by lifting one arm at a time. This is perfect for strength training. It is something that is easy to stash anywhere in the house. Get dumbbells that let you add plates to them. If you are done with training, you can disassemble everything and stow it away somewhere, like under your bed.

Resistance Bands

Grips are attached to bands that feature a good amount of tension. Pulling on them will make them pull back, hence the resistance. They are great space savers. You can anchor them to doorframes or any sturdy structure in the house. There are also handheld ones that you can use creatively. You will basically provide anchor points with your own body. These are also great tools to build up muscle mass and increase your strength. Try doing stretches with resistance bands for an extra challenge.

Stationary Bike and Treadmill

Having a stationary bike or treadmill is fine, as they let you do some cardio in an instant. But they can take up a lot of space at home. So you have a simpler alternative: go outside. There’s a lot of roads for you to walk or ride a bike on. Running outside lets your body properly coordinate with what your eyes see. On a treadmill, your legs are moving, but you are staying in place. This can cause a bit of confusion in your brain, as it is expecting your eyes to see movement around you. But it does not, so when you stop running, you will feel some dizziness. When this happens, just stay still for a few minutes until you are ready to move again.

If you want to get fit, there are many ways you can do it. Do not tell yourself that you don’t have the money to spend or the space to do it. Your body itself can be your equipment. There are many forms of exercise that can make you lift your own weight, like push-ups. They don’t cost you anything and just require very little room. Being healthy and fit will let you do more things in life, so you’d better start investing in yourself now.

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