No Seniority Complex: Here’s How to Be Taken Seriously as a Young Entrepreneur

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The best time to start a business is while you’re still young. This is the time when you don’t have too many obligations yet — when you’re full of vigor and idealism, when you’re underpromising yet can over deliver. However, the one challenge you need to prepare yourself for is the reality that there will be instances when you won’t be taken seriously as a young entrepreneur. Here’s how you can establish your credibility when starting the business young:

Play to your strengths

Your abilities can be a source of confidence. You can easily project yourself as someone trustworthy when you’re lean on your expertise. Plus, where you excel at usually is where your heart is. As you would hear from business mentors, passion is important when launching a venture.

For sure, you’re already well aware of your strengths and interests. However, it’s better to get a third-party opinion about it. Go ask your friends and family, talk to your boss, and take a personality test. These can give useful insights which business ideas and opportunities to pursue.

Remember not to be “boxed” at your workplace abilities. Your hobbies, like baking cookies or tutoring students, are strengths as well, which can be good sources of inspiration for your business.

Build on the success of others

Don’t reinvent the wheel when doing business. Explore what’s already working, so that you can increase the chances of your endeavor being a success.

Learn from what most young entrepreneurs today are doing: going into franchising. They leverage a brand’s reputable name, loyal following, and industry performance. They make the most of the training programs offered by franchisers, giving aspiring franchisors a boost in confidence, which further increases their chances of success in the field.

Consider doing the same and explore franchising opportunities. From co-working spaces to embroidery franchises, so many options would surely fit your business passion and personality.

Find a mentor

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The best way to mature as an entrepreneur is to surround yourself with mature entrepreneurs. When you spend time with confident people who have taken their businesses to the peak of success, in one way or another, you’re going to catch their confidence, skills, wit, and attitude. These are all crucial in establishing yourself as someone to be taken seriously.

Sharpen up your networking skills and build rapport with the experts in your chosen field. Go to their talks and seminars. Introduce yourself to them. Read their books. Connect with them on social media. If you’re pushing through with franchising, your mentor may well be in the person of the franchisor or other co-franchisees. The principle is to abide by a mentor you can emulate.

You’re never too young to start a business. It can indeed be a struggle to be taken seriously when you still have that fresh-out-of-college aura. Nonetheless, it’s possible to earn the respect and trust of the people around you. You just have to lean on your abilities, stand on the shoulder of giants, and have a good role model. More importantly, trust your gut. Now, go get it, young one.

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