Tote Bags: Future Of Recycling

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Bags have been an all-around tool for carrying items, regardless of their size, it is surely a useful thing to bring. Bags have been existing since ancient times and were used for their main purpose – to carry items. According to Air-Fashion, one can see bags on ancient Egyptian papyruses, antique wall carvings, and frescos.

Eventually, it evolved in many ways from its material down to the style depending on the needs of the users. Bags have eventually been part of the fashion industry causing it to establish brands that changed the style and usage depending on the current trend.

As modernization arises, problems in the disposal and heavy usage of plastics and animal skins to produce bags also increased. Plenty of manufacturers chose to use non-recyclable material to maintain their good-looking style and disregarded effects on the environment.

Nonetheless, as things evolved, people discovered solutions as well. One of them is the usage of recyclable bags. Since many of us tend to go to the groceries or markets, one solution that puts on-trend is the usage of tote bags.

What are tote bags?

The word tote has been used as early as the 17th century to pertain to the words “to carry”. Tote bags are often described as large bags with parallel handles attached to their sides. Back then, it is usually made out of strong cloth material to hold or carry ice or wood.

As time passes by, it evolved into a softer material known to be the one we are using nowadays. Tote bags also entered the fashion industry through big brands. It is commonly seen on the runway with high-end material and style.

In present times, most of us use tote bags to carry items from the grocery. These are eco-friendly for it can be reused compared to the plastic bags we were using before. It has now become a pop-culture symbol for its wide variety of colors and styles you can choose from.

It has been a way for us to express ourselves based on printing, pattern, and professional brand design. Aside from that, there are also wide options of material to choose from depending on one’s choice and taste.


woman carrying a tote bagTote bags or totes for short does not stick on one to two materials. As mentioned, there is a wide variety to choose from. The most commonly used materials are cotton or linen. These materials can be easily purchased due to its accessibility in the market.

Long before, people were using hemp fibers for totes. These were blended in such a range of other materials to create bags. These were usually weaved together on other materials causing it to be much stronger.

On the other hand, there are current trends of totes that use canvas fabrics as materials. Canvas fabrics are often used for paintings, sails, and tents. It is durable enough to hold items with a bit waterproof coating to make it stronger.

These are also made from sources that are naturally environmental therefore considered to be an eco-friendly material. Due to its material, it can be easily printed with desired designs. No wonder why most people tend to choose this kind of material for their totes.


It is important to know whether your chosen bag can last before considering buying one. Tote bags are durable enough to withstand everyday use with certain items you are putting in them, regardless of their weight. Aside from that, to ensure the durability of your totes, check its size and where you are going to use it for it can last longer than you are expecting.

Where and When to Use?

Totes are not just for single events like going to the market or grocery. It can surely be used on any other occasion — from formal to casual. Totes are often used to carry items which makes it very useful in bringing items you want to sell out on a fair or trade show.

Instead of using plastic bags to carry all this stuff, you can always count on your totes to carry it. This is just one of its benefits that is making people use it in other things like in school or at work or even at the beach. Totes do not just end their purpose there.

It can also be a giveaway at many events like birthdays, weddings, and any other parties. It is very thoughtful that you would not just be the one to use tote bags to help the environment but is also good for sharing with most people around you.

Bags have reached so many purposes since it was first used. It also reached to serve more and more people nowadays and has been very useful to many. Regardless of your taste in fashion, it is still very important to consider first the materials used and their effect on your environment and community. We may never know but a single use of a recyclable item instead of the mainstream materials like plastics can save us from drowning from future disasters.

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