Types of Visuals That Make a High Impact on Your PR Strategy

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Good public relations is not a simple feat. It is both an art and a science which requires considerable tact and expertise to handle efficiently. PR nowadays is not merely sending out press releases to mitigate damage or inform the public of the good in your company to foster the best relations between your brand and the community.

It now heavily relies on psychology to create a significant impact on the public. To guarantee this, there are several elements that public relations firms in Phoenix use. Gone are the days when PR was about sending out long press releases in text form.

This has been replaced by engaging visuals on online and print media to catch clients’ attention. The following are some of the best performing visual types for PR nowadays.


There are two methods of incorporating infographics into your PR efforts nowadays. Share your existing infographics on your social media platforms as part of the sales collateral and on your blogs and website.

This will catch the attention of your clients better than t lengthy texts. Secondly, you can send the infographics to third-party outlets along with your text so that your article is catchy enough to get published on front pages and those which attract a lot of attention.


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Vlogs are all the rage currently though most corporates have not caught up with the trend. This is one of the best ways to incorporate videos into your overall strategy. Create professional videos of your brand’s impact in the community.

These should be short and engaging to guarantee they get enough views. The videos can also be used for adverts on YouTube if you do not have a vlog or yours is still relatively new.


Over 54% of clients have listened to a podcast.  Your marketing strategy should reap a piece of this vast clientele base but so should your PR. Most podcasts have visual content. Although this is not a must, it helps to get your point across.

Either way, they are a great alternative to text since a client’s interest is lost fast when reading. You can feature people benefiting from your CSR initiatives on these podcasts or inspirational talks. These are bound to get people hooked and talking about your brand.


Engagement with photos is the best method of getting yourself heard or published. These are however not the bland photos which will paint your brand in poor light. Professionally done photos are the best choice nowadays.

This also goes for the seemingly random images during events. Though they are meant to show a less-than-serious side of your company, they should still be taken by a professional photographer to avoid major embarrassments.

Your PR strategy is not one that you make every five years and put away. This is one area which needs constant refining to match emerging trends and ensure your brand remains relevant.

You should hence pick the right PR firm from the start since this will be a long-term relationship. Some companies opt for in-house PR departments. This is however expensive and might not keep up with continually shifting trends as well as an outsourced firm will.

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