Why Choose Cloud-based Project Management

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Cloud technology has been a significant gamechanger in the world of business. It helped revolutionize and improve corporate aspects such as data backup services, real-time offsite collaborations and project management.

In this article, we’ll focus on how it’s being utilized in the field of project management, as well as its major benefits. But before heading to those, let’s briefly discuss cloud-based project management.

Cloud Tech + Project Management

Web writer Emily Bonnie states that more than 60% of business organizations make use of cloud solutions in the management and implementation of their projects. Project management is an overarching process that entails applying a range of expertise, skills and knowledge on various procedures and methods.

This is to achieve a set of defined objectives. Moreover, it involves creating and following a schedule or timetable, as well as an established budget. Below, we’ll tackle how cloud technology supports and enhances a company’s project management practices.

Why Shift to Cloud-based Project Management?

1. Lowers operating and maintenance costs.

By employing a cloud-based project management software or tool, project managers can significantly lower expenses, as proven by the estimated 82% of enterprises that stated they were able to save substantially.

Also, the majority of services that are powered by the cloud are paid on a monthly subscription, so businesses don’t have to invest a lump sum payment. Moreover, companies don’t only get to save on the software program but also the costs of hiring IT professionals.

They also save on remote servers who will handle maintenance. Notifications for system updates are also received promptly, and updating doesn’t come with additional fees.

2. Less labor expenditure.

Traditionally, businesses managed their projects by holding too many meetings and requiring employees to do a lot of paperwork. Thus, instead of being centrally focused on fulfilling more relevant responsibilities, they also had to take care of menial tasks involved in project management.

On the other hand, cloud-based tools help businesses maximize the abilities of their workforce by allowing the system to deal with the nitty-gritty aspects.

3. Improves workflow.


Zach Watson of Technology Advice shares that a cloud project management software program enables employees to break down complicated tasks into smaller steps so they can be managed more easily. Thus, it boosts productivity while simultaneously promoting highly flexible, scalable and organized workflow.

4. Secures corporate data assets.

Cloud-based tools are characterized by modern data centers with superior cybersecurity. Moreover, they are often designed with built-in incident response and disaster recovery. These allow a business to automate responses to security issues such as data breaches and leakage and cyberattacks.

Also, databases and digital information are stored safely in the cloud. The company can still access data. In turn, project managers can minimize downtime and return to work immediately after facing data loss.

Reminders and Tips

Applications and software programs powered by the cloud are available for free trials, usually running on a 30-day period. Take advantage of this and test a program thoroughly before buying it, so you’re assured that it’s suitable for your company’s unique needs.

Furthermore, it helps to conduct research, read online reviews and sort through several options first to successfully find the ideal tool. Consulting a professional in the field is also beneficial in helping you make an optimal choice.

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