Why You Need to Include Videos in your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Videos are powerful marketing tools. If you’re still not incorporating video content on your strategy, read this article to know the reasons you should.

While most online contents are still in text format, Internet users spend a billion hours watching videos every day. Often overlooked, video content is a powerful marketing tool. It is a great way to engage people who do not have the time or are too lazy to read and digest texts. As such, it’s wise to incorporate videos in your digital marketing strategy to remain competitive. If you are not yet convinced about this, explore various factors discussed below to know how videos can prove to be highly effective marketing tools.


Videos come in different formats. While you can easily do live videos with a phone, corporate events and launches will require you to hire a video production firm. According to companies offering professional corporate video production in Utah, it’s essential to determine the best type, format, or channel to use when using video content for your marketing goals.

How-to videos, for instance, are a great option when providing instructions. You can use this format to show people how to use your products. When you’re having an upcoming event, interviews can help create noise by sparking conversations online. Interviews with authorities and celebrities can be turned into podcasts to reach a bigger audience.

User-generated videos are also significant. You can engage influencers or video-bloggers to do reviews, unboxing, or demos of your products. The feedback from both the content creators and their audience can serve as the basis for market research.

High Return on Investment

Videos are versatile. It is possible to create engaging content that is sharable through different channels. Not only is it engaging, but entertaining and easy to consume too. It is, therefore, likely to give a massive return on investment. While there are times you will need professional recording, it is also possible to create simple videos in a short while using readily available resources.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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When clients are researching products they intend to buy, they are looking for the best. Once they find it, they order it online. Other than informing and educating your audience, you can use videos for search engine optimization so that clients can easily find your content and products. Researchers project that by the year 2021, 80 percent of all traffic will consist of video. Including high-quality video content on your web pages boosts your SEO. However, for this to happen, you have to optimize them. Use an appropriate Meta description, keywords, and title.

High Conversion Rates

To remain competitive, you have to offer value. Businesses are increasingly incorporating video content in their marketing. If you don’t take advantage of the chance, your competitors will, and it will place them ahead of you. Having videos in your landing page can boost your conversions. It is also likely to keep your clients around your site for a little longer.

Now you know how videos can make an enormous difference in your marketing efforts. As a last reminder, consider both the content and length of your videos, concerning the channel you will be using to broadcast them. Optimize them appropriately and ensure they are easily accessible to enhance engagement. Keep checking the metrics provided by different platforms, so you know what works best for your audience and use the feedback given to improve your work. This way, you can turn videos into your most powerful marketing tool.

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