Different Ways People are Harming Their Body

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Keeping your body healthy and strong is extremely important to power you through the day and fight different diseases and mental illnesses that may compromise one’s health. If you are going through something mentally and need a break, it is best to try out summer counseling programs or courses to get your mind off of things.

Nevertheless, no matter how much one thinks that he is doing an excellent job in maintaining his health, a few habits have been slowly killing one’s body, causing it to deteriorate from the inside out.

Here are some ways you are killing your body and how you can fix them:

1. Smoking

One of the leading causes of death is smoking. It causes different types of cancer, especially that of the lungs. It contains a stimulant drug called nicotine that causes terrible side effects in the body, such as increased blood pressure and hardening of arterial walls. To prevent such illnesses brought by this, the best approach is to stop smoking. One can start slowly by decreasing cigarette usage every day until they come to a complete stop.

2. Drinking too much alcohol

Though enjoyable for many, drinking alcohol kills a lot of people all over the world every day. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to alcohol poisoning, where the alcohol in one’s blood rises to a toxic level. Known as a carcinogen, consuming alcohol can develop different illnesses in the body, such as cancer and heart failure, all of which are lethal. To avoid such demise, one must decrease alcohol consumption if not stop entirely. Moderation is key to prevent the development of such dangerous diseases that will kill the body.

3. Not getting enough sleep

Due to the current lifestyle of people working and having classes at home, a lot has been subject to sleepless nights and days. Though it may seem like nothing, lack of sleep leads to a dangerous impact on the body that, in the long run, may end up killing it. Not getting enough sleep may lead to obesity, heart diseases, and even diabetes. To steer clear of the dangers of this, one must at least get seven to eight hours of sleep or at least take numerous naps in between work.

4. Eating too many sweets

Many people enjoy eating sweets because not only does it taste good, it also boosts one’s mood. However, too many sweets cause dangerous effects to the body, which may most likely lead to death. Consuming too much sugar may lead to an increase in insulin production in the body, which causes high blood pressure, diabetes, and even heart disease. To keep away from experiencing the downsides of sweets to the body, one must switch to healthier options for sugar, such as fruits.


5. Not drinking enough water

Water is essential to maintain the proper function of the body. It helps the cells work, and it even helps people digest food. Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration which results in the demise of your body because it causes your organs to slowly shut down, especially your kidneys, which are responsible for filtering the blood. To circumvent such dangerous bodily effects, one must practice regular intake of water to maintain a healthy amount in the body, around six to eight glasses, to power it through the day.

6. Having improper posture

It may not seem much, but having an improper posture may cause harm to the body. Failure to maintain proper posture leads to the vertebrae crushing one’s nerve endings. When one is slouched, it increases pressure on the internal organs as well. If this happens, the muscles on the abdomen begin to stop working, disrupting the work of the heart. Because of this, many diseases will begin to develop in one’s body. To prevent the development of such illnesses, one must correct their posture and discipline themselves to maintain it.

7. Not getting enough and proper exercise

More and more people have been living sedentary lifestyles because of certain conditions that limit everyone to stay inside their homes. Because of this, a lot of people have put exercising in the back seat. Unable to exercise regularly leads to a higher risk of premature death and diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. To avoid this, one must set a schedule for at least 30 minutes a day of exercise. Discipline is required to transform an unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one.

8. Breathing indoor air

It does not seem much, but breathing indoor air may cause complicated concerns for the body. It is evident that the air outdoors is polluted. Still, indoor air can be five times more polluted because of volatile inorganic compounds due to household items such as cleaning products and even furniture foam. Bacteria and dust may also circulate from the AC filtration system.

Breathing in polluted air like this can lead to several diseases that can significantly harm the body. One must occasionally keep the windows open or even have a quick walk outside to avoid illnesses caused by breathing indoor air.

9. Drinking too much soda

Often, people crave cool soda, especially on hot days. However, drinking too much soda causes terrible effects on the body. Soda contains refined sugar, which increases a person’s risk of obesity. Consuming too much soda leads to a significant increase in weight, diabetes, and even heart problems. To keep your body healthy and free of diseases brought by this, one must resort to drinking water when craving for a drink. Not only will water sustain your desires, but it is also much healthier for the body.

10. Stressing out too much

Stress has become a constant issue because of certain situations that have plagued everyone’s lives these days. It is normal to get stressed, but too much of it is highly detrimental to the body. It targets one’s immune system and can cause hypertension, anxiety, and heart diseases. To steer clear from this, one must take constant breaks to recuperate and rest. Ensure adequate sleep and schedule a routine for yourself to avoid any mishaps that can add to one’s anxiety.

Human bodies are such magnificent complex creations. It is astonishing to think that a small child’s body is a storage space for hundreds of working organs that continue to evolve as one continues to grow. However, despite its magnificence, it is also something one must take good care of to maintain its proper function and health.

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