Budget-Friendly Corporate Event Ideas to Increase Employee Morale

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Employees are the backbone of the company. They’re the ones who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that your company continues to deliver high-quality products and services. That’s why you should care not only for their physical health but also for their emotional health.

Keep your company’s morale up by regularly holding team building corporate events. Doing this will give them a chance to unwind and relax with their colleagues. It will also increase their loyalty towards the company and encourage them to further the company’s growth.

Your corporate events don’t need to be extravagant to be enjoyable, though. Here are some corporate event ideas you can do that are both enjoyable and budget-friendly

Sports Event

>Sports events have a lot of benefits, from encouraging physical fitness to improving employee relationships. Your employees can handle their work better if they have colleagues that will support them emotionally.

Begin by surveying the free times of your employees for the estimated week of the event. Use it to gauge the number of participants. If you want more people to come, avoid scheduling your event during stressful and urgent times, such as a week before a company deadline.

Organizing a sports event doesn’t need to be an extravagant affair. Consider low-cost options before renting an event area. For example, you can use your property’s front yard or a nearby park and advise employees to bring their own water bottles to minimize paper cup usage.

Movie Night


>There’s nothing like celebrating the incoming weekend with a comfy movie night. Here are some preparation pointers to get started. Decide on a movie by asking your employees for movie suggestions and putting up a poll. Choose the top three films from it.

Set up a mini theater in one of the office rooms. Clear out the site and put some beanbags on the floor. For the full cinema experience, consider using screen projector rental services in Utah. They’ll supply you with the high-quality audiovisual equipment you’ll need.

Prepare enough food and refreshments to get you through the movies. You can’t have too many snacks, after all. Have soft blankets available for those who need it. Advise employees to dress comfortably to have a more pleasant ambiance.

Game Night

>Game nights can be one of the most fun and engaging activities for your team, provided that it’s planned right. For this event, more isn’t always merrier. If there are too many people, some can feel left out. Advise department heads to have game nights with their own team.

>When choosing games, try to avoid long-paced games. While some may prefer games with a little bit of thinking, most will enjoy fast-paced arcade games. Take some time to learn more about your team’s game preferences so that future game nights will be more enjoyable.

You can serve dinner beforehand, but you should stick to snacks and finger food once the games begin. For playing spaces, small tables are good, but the floor is okay if you have a lot of people. Remember to prepare blankets and cushions to keep things cozy.

Don’t be discouraged if your event doesn’t go as well as you’d like it to be. It takes time for someone to open up. Survey how your employees felt about the event and use it as a basis for improving your team building events in the future.

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