Convert Your Garage Into Your Personal Mancave And Office

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The pandemic has everyone staying at home for their safety and that of others as well. With almost everyone working and studying from home, it seems that every space for a decent and quiet working space has been taken. How about your favorite spot in your home? 

If your garage is your favorite place in your home, why not convert it into your man cave? Most garages only need some serious cleaning and organization and you will see that you still have enough space for a working area.

From setting up your garage storage to applying high-quality garage floor coating, here are some steps to convert your garage into your personal working space.

Declutter and clean up

If you are just like any normal person, your garage will most probably need some serious cleaning. Take everything out and sort every item. Keep things that you still use and will still use. Get rid of items that you have not used in the past year. Sort through these items and keep which ones you can donate or sell. Prepare boxes or bins so that you can sort and group these items. 

Deep clean your garage

Now that you have cleared all those stuff and junk, it is time to thoroughly clean your space before you put your things back or put up something new. Scrub down the walls and floors of dirt and grime. If you have storage cabinets, wipe them with a warm damp cloth and some mild detergent. Mop the floors and scrub down the dirt. Now that your garage is all clean, you can start with your garage transformation.

Level up your flooring

Concrete floors will not cut it if you will make your garage as your man cave. Level up your garage flooring with garage floor coating, such as high-quality epoxy coatings. Epoxy coatings will make your garage floor look more luxurious and attractive. Choose a flooring material that is easy to maintain and clean. Avoid carpets that can accumulate dirt and allergens over time.

Finish your garage walls


Unfinished walls will never look good, even if you paint them. Finish your garage walls and paint them with light and neutral colors. Avoid dark colors which can make your garage look depressing. Neutral paint colors will make decorating and putting up accents and furniture easier for you.

Add some lighting

You do not want your man cave to feel like a cave. Add sufficient lighting to make your working area conducive for productive work. Sufficient lighting fixtures will make your garage look more like a room and an extension of your home.

Add the necessary furniture

You may need a new working desk where you can set up your computer and an ergonomic office chair to make it more comfortable for you. If you have enough space, you can add a small couch for your break times. 

Put up some wall cabinets

Remember those things you brought out earlier? You will need efficient storage for them so that your garage will look organized and neat at all times. You can put up some custom wall cabinets and shelves to save space or you can buy storage racks from your nearest hardware store. Make sure to have a storage system to avoid making your garage look like a dumping place for your knickknacks. 

You will also need storage for your office work needs. Build or buy a shelf for your office essentials so that they won't get lost with the other items kept in your garage.

Set up a conducive working space

Conducive does not just mean having an adequate working desk and office chair. Set up your working space to your liking. Do you like music when working? Bring in a Bluetooth speaker. Do you need your coffee fix now and then to be able to concentrate? Have a coffee maker. This is your man cave after all and you should set it up to your liking and comfort. You can even have your TV if you want to watch some sports games while you are working. 

Make sure that your home Wi-Fi will also reach you in your garage, else you have to set up a separate router so that you can have Internet access. Make sure that is also comfortable with enough ventilation. Set up an AC for your comfort during hot summer days.

Leave sufficient space for your car and car paraphernalia

Of course, your garage was built for your car. Leave enough space between your car and your working area for your safety. You do not want to have too little space in between your work area and your car, lest you risk scratching your car. 

Your garage does not have to be just a place for your car and some unused boxes of belongings. Transform it into a man cave where you can work at home productively and at peace.

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