Design Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Like It ‘s From a Different Era

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Vintage home design never gets old. Some homeowners feel nostalgic and want to recreate a look at a time when they were younger. This design creates a certain ambiance that is comfy and distinct. It is possible to revive a classic design without overspending. An expert on vintage home furnishings cites the following ways to recreate the past in your home.

Decorate Rooms with Real Paintings

There was a time when machine-made art was rare or non-existent. One simple way to bring a vintage feel to a room is to decorate it with real paintings. These don’t have to be from the old or new masters; these cost a fortune. You can paint your own work or buy one or two from a local artist. The texture of the strokes on a canvas and even its imperfections give a space a human feel.

Imitate Vintage Hues and Patterns

Certain decades and eras use distinct patterns and colors that remind people of that specific time period. Polka dots were in vogue in the 50s while saturated reds bring the Victorian era to life. Go psychedelic with circles and bright hues to recreate the 70s. Research on the era you want and try to imitate the patterns and colors they use.

Buy Antiques

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Antique furniture is one of the hallmarks of vintage houses and design. These pieces give a room the finishing touches it needs to recreate a classic look. Their distinct appearance takes you back to a specific time when they were the popular choice. Not all antiques are worth the expense, choose one that can withstand regular use, because why would you buy furniture just for display?

Weight is a factor to consider when choosing an antique. If it’s heavy, it means its makers used natural materials. Sturdy joints mean a piece can last for years. Take a close look at them and identify if the wood is rotting or if there is a loose nail. Evaluate the degree of discoloration to determine if it’s expensive to restore.

Organic Materials

Plastics and other synthetic materials weren’t common back then. Your grandparents used organic furniture and materials for cabinets, tables and others as decorations. Woods, metals, linens and wools are ideal choices for the vintage interior you want to recreate. These natural materials create a homey ambiance and a distinct appearance that is different from the usual modern design.

Old Rugs

It would seem counterintuitive to use old rugs, but they have a distinct appeal that rounds out your desired vintage interior. Look for worn that can fit under the tables or cabinets you have. They must also match with the design you want. Before buying online, it is best to inspect the supposed worn rug. Some undergo faux distressing to make them look older than they really are.

These are just a few design ideas you might want to implement. These recreate certain eras and decades that you are nostalgic for. Consult with an interior designer to find the ideal look and the budget for it.

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