For Millennials: Thank You for Driving These Top Trends

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Ask any other generation and they will surely have things to say about millennials. But what many fail to recognize is that no generation is and will ever be perfect. What our world needs today is more positivity, and some of the best trends we have these days, we actually have the millennials to thank for.

Gen-Yers may have their own negative points. But they have their own positive qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. If there two millennial traits that are worth mentioning, these are the following. One is their loyalty. The other is their passion for strongly advocating for something they believe in.

Businesses are after millennials not only because they already surpassed Generation X in numbers. It is also because they are driving significant life-changing trends. These trends do not only benefit them but other people and the planet as well. The following are just three trends Gen-Yers are guilty of driving to popularity.

Sustainable Growth

Millennials are using their spending power to influence others to be sustainable consumers. They will only put their loyalty on a brand if it can commit to sustainable practices. Gen-Yers are picky when it comes to the products they buy and the companies they choose to bring their business on.

Millennial consumers are also demanding for sustainable fashion like casual, corporate clothing, and even special pieces such as wedding gowns, shoes, and accessories made from environment-friendly materials. They may be earning less than what older generations used to earn, but that doesn’t stop cash-deprived millennials from driving sustainability. According to a survey conducted in 2015, 73% are willing to support sustainable goods. Other generations are following suit. According to Nielsen, they expect sustainable products in the US to make up to 25% of store sales by 2021.

Healthy Consumption

Along with sustainability, millennials demand healthy food choices. Before, the supermarket is filled with unhealthy food items. But because Gen-Yers are a health-conscious generation who picks vegetables and organic food over other food items full of fat and sugar, the food industry had to deliver. Now, supermarkets can be seen stocking their shelves with healthy snacks items and plant-based meal options. This is because 41% of older millennials and 39% of young Gen-Yers would pay more for organic goods.

Normalizing Mental Health

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Generation Y values work-life balance. This is one reason why many are making opportunities for themselves while others are choosing remote work. Because of this, they are speaking more about their mental health. They started normalizing mental health talks. This is something that older generations failed to do so. Now, more people are willing to voice out their concerns and are reaching out to their loved ones and the pros to start addressing their mental health issues.

Thanks to millennials, more companies are starting to rethink their policies in order to boost their employee’s mental health. Some started offering flexible work schedules. Others are allowing their staff to use their leave days for mental health.

We often don’t give where the credit is due. But it is time to change all that. We can start by thanking millennials for standing up for what they believed in. We can thank them for driving sustainable practices, for advocating for better food choices and also for normalizing mental health.

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