Relationships vs. COVID-19: Is the Pandemic Putting a Strain on Marriages?

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The COVID-19 has tons of undeniable impact on everyone’s lives. The pandemic did more than just evoke fear in everyone’s hearts and a major disruption in our daily lives. It changed the way we work, run errands, etc. But there is one thing that many married couples can relate to during the crisis. It is the fact that it continues to test family relationships.

How the Pandemic Puts a Strain on Marriages

According to the CDC, 2.9 divorces for every 1000 people in the United States. The divorce rate has been going down since 2000. But family lawyers are getting ready for the sudden surge of divorce applications once the courts open.

During the pandemic, everyone is encouraged to stay at home, isolate, and practice social distancing, among the other precautions. Some lost their job, which put families in a financial strain. When both working partners need to make major adjustments at work, at home, and with child care, the mix quickly fuels the fire to the already tired couple. Some don’t know whether to distance from their loved ones or communicate with their spouse. With less support and no break, the added stress and miscommunication leads couples to grow apart even if they live under the same roof.

This does not necessarily mean we can simply and solely blame the pandemic for building cracks in many marriages. According to Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a neuropsychologist, many couples already have a shaky relationship, to begin with even before the crisis. When these couples suddenly have to be with one other 24/7, their issues only intensified. Add the fact that it remains uncertain as to when and if things will ever go back to normal makes the situation even worse than it already is.


How Some Couples Have Managed to Stay Strong Despite the Crisis

Some couples were able to reconcile and turn their relationship for the better even with the threat of the pandemic. They may have their ups and downs during the lockdown. But they don’t let these challenges from bringing their relationship down.

Couples should maintain a self-care routine so both of you can stay grounded. If one or both of you are working from home, keep a work routine but don’t forget that family time is as important as your work. Stay connected to each other but don’t forget to broaden your support network. Using this day’s technology, stay connected to family and friends.

It is a must that both couple be kind and understanding to one another. Take time to listen when your spouse speaks and apologize if you did or said something wrong. Remember to be on the same team and not the other way around. Don’t forget to give each other enough space as everyone needs to do certain things independently.

After months of lockdown, many couples are considering to split. The stress of daily lives plus all the adapting and adjusting led many relationships to go downhill. But if some can be successful in strengthening their marriage during the pandemic, you and your spouse can also do the same. It will take lots of hard work, but it will be all worth it if you act as a team.

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