Going the Extra Mile for the Customer: Why It Matters

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What is in a phone call? For people who work in the customer service industry, it can mean a lot of things. It can be a gateway to a company’s product catalog. It can be a helping hand. It can also be a way to mend an old rift and bring an old customer back into the fold. These are things that many employees for call center answering services can relate to.

Communication is a powerful way to bridge people together. This is also what many businesses hope to achieve by having their own agents manning the phones. The samples are already big enough to understand the science behind it. You see many training programs providing scripts that are proven to be effective at engaging caller or upselling to them.

But one phrase that comes up often is going the extra mile. This means making the customer satisfied by offering help that goes beyond their expectations. It is a mantra that the industry believes in, and here are some reasons it is important to them:

It Makes the Conversation Personal

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People expect a support system whenever they buy a product or use a service. They want to know that they have someone they can turn to if they have questions or encounter any problems. It is one thing when a customer service representative provides what is expected of them to do, such as answering queries or resolving issues. It will be a different story if they go beyond this.

Being proactive and empathetic to the customer’s concerns are some of the ways you can let them know that this is more than a phone call. You have to make them feel, not just hear, that you are ready to pull out all the stops to help them. Making them feel special like this turns the conversation into something that is more personal because it will stand out from the sea of phone calls out there.

It Builds Trust

Customers get agitated when they start to feel like they just belong to an assembly line, ready to be rolled out the door after undergoing a step-by-step process. This will escalate if they have been calling repeatedly without their issue being resolved. If you establish a personal connection with them and assure them that you will do all you can to help, they can bring their walls down and start trusting you. This, in turn, will also bring back the trust that they have lost in the company.

You just want to make sure that whenever you make promises or set expectations, you have to fulfill them or at least follow through with an update. There is nothing more disheartening than when you get your hopes up for nothing.

It Upholds the Meaning of Customer Service

All too often, when you get caught up in the deluge of calls you receive and the metrics you have to follow, you forget what makes you part of customer service in the first place. Simply put, you are tasked with helping the customer with whatever issues they have. If you find yourself confused as to what your purpose is in this position, just remember to put the customer first.

Once you get into this mindset, many other things should follow. You will gain more confidence, your calls will flow better, and you will think clearer because you have customers that go along great with you. This attitude brings light and hope onto the industry, and customers will be better because of it. They will look up to you as an advocate of customer service.

It is truly a great feeling when you can help someone. The customer service industry rewards people who are willing to do this even in the middle of conflicts and work pressure. It is difficult at first, but, eventually, you will be able to help a lot of customers. You may not see each other, but the connection you make with others will be cherished, especially when you satisfy them.

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