Tips to Prevent Your Customers from Abandoning Their Carts

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If you’re running an e-commerce store, chances are that you’ve encountered a lot of abandoned carts. This happens a lot and for different reasons. Some abandon their carts because the purchasing process is too complex or they don’t trust the site. Others abandon their carts because they have found a similar item on another website with a lower price tag. Some abandon their carts because they’re just browsing. So aside from getting Salesforce implementation services, you can help improve your e-commerce store by applying some of these suggestions to your site:

Assure them that you’re trustworthy

As mentioned earlier, a lot of customers abandon their carts because something about the website feels shady to them. The lack of a physical store is already jarring for some people who have been used to seeing products they want to buy up close. It’s more difficult to convince a person to give details of their credit card when they see that they’re not interacting with any real person.

It’s quite normal for any individual to think twice of handing over details of their financial account to any website because they don’t know if this website will not con them. As much as possible, reassure your customers that you are 100% legit. One of the ways you can assure them is to post trust logos on your site.

Trust logos are those logos with a check on them that most people can easily recognize. You can get one from VeriSign, Norton, Thawte, TRUSTe, McAfee, MasterCard, Visa, or GeoTrust. Also, you should get an SSL certificate. Always update it so that your customers can see that your site is a legitimate e-commerce store.

Simplify the purchasing process

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Some customers don’t like the hassle of going through several pages just to purchase an item. As soon as they see the item that they want, they immediately want to purchase it and be done with visiting your website. Adjust your site to simplify your purchasing process so that your customers won’t be turned off by having to provide too much information or having to browse through several pages.

Oftentimes, customers abandon their carts when they have to figure out the shipping details of their purchase. Most people have this mindset that when they buy something, they instantly get to have their items. But because you’re operating an e-commerce store and not a brick-and-mortar one, you need to process the shipping details of their items. To make it easier for your customers, just give them a few questions to answer and take care of all the other details.

Prices shouldn’t be a jump scare

Another reason why people abandon their carts at the last minute is that they see the price of their purchase and they are surprised at how expensive it is. What you can do here is to give them an idea at the beginning of how much their purchase is going to be so that they’re already prepared to spend that much when they get to the purchasing process.

You should also reinforce in your customer’s mind that they are doing the right thing by purchasing your item so that they will push through with it even if they find the price too high. You can do this by putting in taglines beside your purchasing field/page that tell your customer of the great deal they are having by purchasing said item today.

If your customers abandoned their carts even after you’ve done everything, you can convince them not to. Send them an email reminding them that they still have items in their carts. Some virtual store owners claim that this method is effective in convincing customers to push through with their purchase because perhaps some of them just don’t have the money to buy the products. But when they email them a reminder, they already have enough money to buy the item they have put on hold.

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