Handmade Clothing Made With Love and Perfect Embroidery

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People are more proactive in changing the way they dress. It's all in the clothes. You're style and image depend on the stitches on your back.

Stitching is an important element in clothes. There are two ways to perfect the stitch: machinery or manual labor. Most businesses go for the machine option because it guarantees the manufacturer more products within a short period. But handmade is not far off.

Unique clothing stores in Phoenix often feature handmade clothes. One of the essentials that make handmade garments stand out is their embroidery. This is an artistic process of fabric decoration guaranteed to make designs unmatched by even the best machines. At times, embroidery can also incorporate metal strips, sequins, quills, and beads.

The following are some of the embroidery stitches to keep in mind:

Satin Stitch

This marks the most common embroidery stitch used in design and lettering outlines. The stitch is also known as a straight stitch and leaves a smooth appearance. The stitches, in this case, are placed very close to each other and cover the fabric under them. The density and width of your satin stitch will determine the quality of the stitch and the look of the outlines of your clothing.

Walking Stitch

Sometimes, dressmakers refer to this as the running stitch. It looks like a simple line that can be used to detail and outline different elements in your garment. Walking stitches are often used for the hemlines and the embroidery details in your clothing. Some machine garments also use running stitches to create make clothes look more handmade. It is, therefore, essential to carefully consider your clothing type and get it from an authentic store to guarantee it is hand-stitched.

Fill Stitches

These are used for filling expansive colored areas on your garment. They are also used for the creation of an underlay foundation on which the sewer will layer complicated embroidered designs on flimsy materials like silk and rayon. When used on high pile clothing like fleece, the foundation of the fill stitch ensures your detail will not be lost in the fibers.

 Sewing and stitching

Applique Stitches

These are initially made on fabric that will be later sewn on the garment to be embroidered. The applique stitching is ordinarily used for outlining and lettering and creating exceptional designs. It is thus mostly used on high-end clothing lines.

Chain Stitches

These are used for creating a chain-like pattern following a series of looped stitches. Chain stitches are flat stitches that will be used mainly for curves and lines. The stitches will be laid close together and run in different directions to make an exceptional design.

Before you start learning about embroidery on your own or searching for unique clothes, it's important to familiarize yourself with the styles above. The stitch count estimation of your design depends on the design’s size and the type of fabric being sewn. The stitch count of an embroidered design on a fleece garment, for instance, will be higher than that on a cotton garment for an exceptional look.

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