Maintaining Your Rights and Safety in an Uber

driving a car
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Ride-hailing apps have provided people with an alternative way to commute. The convenience of the riding experience created a fan out of the public. Through a simple search on your mobile phone, you no longer have to wonder how long it will take to hail a cab, how much it will cost to reach your destination, how many vacant vehicles are near your location. Because of this, Uber and Lyft’s services have become a necessity.

In a city like Los Angeles where traffic is one of its infamous identifiers, there is no surprise why locals prefer to hail a vehicle through a mobile app. For tourists who want to go around the area, Uber is the more suitable option compared to driving around because navigating correctly is close to impossible. Plus, Uber drivers are familiar with the locality. It’s similar to hitting two birds with one stone— you get to have a tour guide and a driver in one.

The increase of users leads to the rise in traffic accidents involving this type of transport system. Uber accident lawyers in Los Angeles have been taking care of the legalities in making sure that Uber remains accountable when accidents do happen.

Although your safety is in the hands of your driver, here are some reminders to keep yourself extra safe in the backseat of your ride:

If you’re not in a hurry, try sharing your ride with other riders.

There are specific locations and times of the day when you feel uncomfortable being alone in a vehicle with a stranger. Although ride-hailing apps provide you with information about your driver, the feeling of uneasiness can’t instantly vanish. When this happens, you can choose to share your ride with others, more so if you’re not in a hurry. Having people around can make you feel safer.

Send your driver’s details to a family or friend.

First, remember your driver’s face and information. This way, you can be sure that the car you’ll get in is the right one. It’s better to send the driver’s picture and information to a loved one in case something happens. In addition, knowing that you did this process can give you the peace of mind as a passenger.

Check the driver’s ratings.

Always keep in mind that you have the choice to cancel a ride when you deem necessary. If the driver has low ratings, you can decide if you want to risk it and choose a different driver.

Choose a strategic position in the car when you’re alone.

driving a car

If you’re riding alone, the best place to sit is on the passenger side of the backseat. If you’re seated there, you’ll strategically see what the driver is up to—if he’s up to anything. The driver cannot grasp you quickly as opposed to sitting in front. If someone else is seated on the passenger seat, no matter what the excuse is, feel free to say no. It’s a common tactic for travelers to get kidnapped.

Be alert and keep your phone with you.

Before you hop into your ride, make sure your phone is charged. Always be on the lookout for red flags in your surroundings. Be ready to call 911. Speaking of attentiveness, as much as possible, don’t take an Uber when you’re drunk and alone.

Don’t forget that you have rights as a passenger. Be aware. Keep safe.

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