How is Mobile-First Design Changing the SEO Landscape?

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For the last few years, Google has been keen on making websites more viewable through mobile. This had become more apparent when they introduced the mobile-first update last year.

To say that digital marketers are surprised with this update is an understatement. Many are stuck on how it will affect their rankings and campaigns. Some are even making their own predictions. With all these going on, it can be confusing to plan your next step.

That’s why it’s best to get a good understanding of the mobile-first update. To do that, listed down are the confirmed information about it, so far.

Better Mobile Design = Faster Indexing

Mobile-first update addresses the indexing process. This means that Google would prefer to read the mobile version over the desktop version. To give you a refresher on how indexing works, it is as reading and storing information.

Now, you might be wondering how this could affect your campaign. Well, if your mobile version doesn’t match with the desktop view, then you’re in serious trouble. Crawlers and searchbot may get confused, which may lead to poor ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

It Focuses on Improving User Experience

The idea behind mobile-first design is to offer a better user experience. This has been the intention of Google since the beginning. If you take a look at their past updates, you’ll notice that all of them focuses on improving the user’s search. That’s why the whole idea behind mobile-first is to provide convenient and easy browsing.

Compared before, people are spending more time on their mobile phones. Even SEO companies in Brisbane¬†and other parts of the world would agree on this statement. That’s why it makes sense why Google suddenly find the need to improve the mobile view.

It Helps Businesses Gain More Profit

More than just user experience, mobile-first design may also warrant success and profitability. As users will find it easier to find everything they need, you can encourage them to buy your product. You could say that this move is one way to increase business success online. The easier you are to find through mobile search, the higher the conversion would be.

It Has Direct Effect to Voice Search

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Voice search is becoming huge these days. Many people are leaning towards this feature instead of typing what they need. This is no longer limited to smartphones and tablets, but also to home assistant devices. All the more reasons you should follow the mobile-first standard. As you might’ve noticed, a majority of these devices are running through mobile phones. If you want a greater advantage in voice search, you have to optimise your mobile content.

These are just a few confirmed details about Google’s biggest mobile update. Looking through all these, you’ll notice that the focus is always on the user. It’s safe to assume that any change you make, must depend on audience behaviour. Other than that, be sure to keep yourself informed on the latest Google updates to continue improving your strategy and ensuring the success of your campaign.

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