Purchasing an Industrial Heating System: What Must You Never Ignore?

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Industrial heating systems are a critical aspect of running different industrial operations. For this reason, it is crucial that an industrial premise acquire a stable and functional heating system to run its operations. But, what should you look for when buying drum heaters for your heating system?

An industrial heating system is quite an investment for a facility, and thus you should have a well thought out plan of purchasing it. Making the wrong decisions when purchasing this system could end up in costly mistakes for the industrial company.

Here are three of the considerations that heating system manufacturers recommend you follow when shopping for an industrial heating system.

Efficiency and maintenance

Industrial heaters are notorious for consuming a lot of power and therefore spike energy bills. Huge energy bills increase the company’s expenses and thus affect the company’s profits. It is essential that a company installs an energy-efficient heating system without compromising on productivity.

The new heating systems in the market run on new technology which aims to conserve energy and as a result, lower the costs of operation. Equally, maintaining your system plays a significant role in determining how well the system will serve you and for how long.

Seek to understand the maintenance requirements of a system before incorporating it in your operations. The more you understand what it takes to maintain a system, the more you will obtain from the system, and the longer it will serve you.

Heating coil and film design

Hot oil heaters are conventional industrial heaters that many industries prefer for their heating purposes. Customers consider the controls, efficiency, and the turn down of the burner. An often-neglected element is the film temperature, yet it’s very critical.

Film temperature influences the heating fluid that your heater will use. Consequently, it influences the life of the heating fluid.

When getting a fluid industrial heater, you will need to look into the design of the heater’s coil. Most heaters feature helical coils. However, fluid heaters with serpentine coils exhibit increased efficiency and longer service life.



The appropriate equipment to purchase will largely depend on your industry. There are different heating systems whereby each is suitable for a unique application. The system should meet the specific goals of your industry.

It is advisable that you consult competent and experienced suppliers of industrial heating equipment. Such have an in-depth knowledge of the different industrial needs you could be having, and they will guide you accordingly.

Typically, in most instances, you will have to consider buying a used system or, at least, used components. Used equipment is cheap and thus an option for individuals with a tight budget. However, the equipment may not serve you well for a long time.

New equipment comes at a high cost than the used counterpart, but the system will serve you for ages. Altogether, also take the factors above into consideration when getting drum heaters for your industrial facility.

The process to settle on one might be overwhelming, but paying close attention to each element will prove helpful in installing an efficient heating system. The best heating equipment and system for your facility will serve you right, for the set lifetime, and with the least maintenance requirements.

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