How to Grow Your Own Hops

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These days, it is an undeniable fact that the alcohol industry is one of the biggest businesses in the whole world. After all, millions of people drink alcoholic beverages every day, which is why more and more entrepreneurs are starting beer-crafting businesses. Are you also interested in joining this lucrative sector?

If so, you should know that brewing your own beer and growing your own hops are definitely not easy tasks. For example, they might involve a lot of patience and perseverance. Today, we will discuss how you can grow hops and when you should buy Galaxy hops from well-renowned hop suppliers in Australia or the Land Down Under.

Buy the Right Type

There are many different types of hops, and not all will grow no matter how hard you try. The type that you choose should adapt well to your country’s temperature and climate, so you should do your research on the specific hop that you are eyeing before finally buying it.

Also, some of the hops that you might want can sometimes be unavailable due to the sheer demand, which is why you have to choose a hop supplier that always has enough supplies on hand.

Grow Them in the Spring

If you are wondering when you should grow your hops, then here is your answer: during the spring. Get your hop rhizomes before the springtime even begins so that they will grow well during the ideal season.

Make sure that your hop rhizomes are about 40 inches away from each other as they need space to grow. The depth should be about several inches, and the small roots should point down to ensure their growth.

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Water Them Properly

It can be tricky to water your hops as too much water can make them rot, while too little of it can kill them. Wetting the leaves will not be enough, so make sure to go all the way to the roots. During the summertime, your hops might need a little bit more water than usual. Do not soak them as they can quickly rot or wilt. Make sure that your hops’ roots are dry before deciding to water them again.

Use Fertilizers

It is okay to use fertilizers on your hops, but you definitely should not use too much of them. Sure, putting too much fertilizer will cause your hops to grow faster, but their quality will not be the same. Fertilizers that are high in nitrogen will reduce the alpha acid content of the hops, making it difficult for you to achieve that yummy bitter taste for your craft beer. Ask your hop supplier how much fertilizer you should use when it comes to growing your own hops.

In the end, you can watch a couple of hop-growing videos and read more articles online to learn how to grow your hops properly. You should learn from the masters and ask them how they do it so that you can grow your hops without exerting too much effort.

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