Want to Quit Smoking for Good? Here Are 6 Tips to Help You Kick the Habit

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Smoking has long been linked to many health problems such as respiratory diseases, heart diseases, and various types of cancer. Quitting the habit can help smokers’ lead healthier lives. Unfortunately, even if you are ready to quit smoking, the decision is just half the battle. The urge to smoke is so powerful that many go back to the habit after just a few days of trying to stop.

If quitting is truly your goal, here are some tips to help you resist your craving for tobacco.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Nicotine in tobacco can lead to physical dependence, and this, in turn, causes the withdrawal symptoms that emerge when a person tries to stop smoking. Nicotine replacement therapy can give you nicotine in the form of sprays, inhalers, lozenges, patches, and chewing gum. Electronic cigarettes also become increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco, and this prompted the growing number of e-cigarette franchises.
These replacement products don’t have the harmful chemicals found in tobacco. Numerous studies also show that NRT can double smokers’ odds of quitting smoking.

Stay Hydrated

Water therapy can help calm cigarette cravings. Experts recommend drinking ice cold water once your craving hits or every time you feel a strong urge to smoke. They also advise against drinks that could trigger such urges, like alcohol. Most people smoke while drinking beer, so the sight and taste of the cold brew could awaken your cravings.

Avoid Triggers

Besides alcohol, there could be other things that also remind you of smoking. Cravings for tobacco are often strongest when smokers are in places and situations where they smoked most often, like in bars and parties and during stressful situations. You should identify these triggers and come up with a plan to avoid them.

Get Busy and Engage in Physical Activities

Are you prone to smoke when you’re bored? Manage your schedule and activities so you don’t spend long periods bored out of your mind with nothing else to occupy you than thoughts of wanting to smoke. Stay busy so you can keep your mind off smoking. Learn new skills or engage in healthier hobbies. Hit the gym or go out for a walk or jog. Physical activities can reduce and distract your tobacco cravings.

Find Other Ways to Relax

Many people smoke as a way to deal with stress. Ironically, resisting tobacco cravings can be stressful in itself. Thus, you need to learn how to effectively manage stress and find other ways to ease your anxieties. Practice basic relaxation techniques like yoga, deep-breathing exercises, listening to calming music, and positive visualization.

Have a Support System

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Quitting smoking can be challenging, and belonging to a support program can make a big difference. Spend more time with your non-smoking friends and family. You can also join online programs that help smokers quit or seek a local support group. The people in these groups can give you practical and helpful tips. Reading blogs written by successful quitters can also encourage you during the bad days.

Staying away from cigarettes for good is one of the best decisions you can make with regards to your health. Follow the tips above so you can have an easier time resisting tobacco cravings and achieving your goal of quitting.

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