Late Payments: Some of the Funniest and Most Outrageous Excuses Ever

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Most lenders, creditors, and landlords have gotten late payment excuses at least once in their lives. From not getting paid on time to having to redirect their cash to medical emergencies or tuition fees, there are a lot of other reasons why people forget to pay their bills. While some excuses are legitimate and completely understandable, others are just downright obvious stalling tactics. Here are a few hilariously creative late payment excuses we gathered involving residential and commercial rent recovery to credit collections and loan payments.

10 Creative and Hilarious Late Payment Excuses

“I didn’t get your payment demand because I was in jail.”

While there is a slim chance that this excuse could be true, you will need to prove that you were incarcerated.

“I couldn’t write the cheque because I broke my hand.”

Another one of those instances that could be true. However, a cheque is not the only way to make payments. Set up an online payment account. It’s easier.

“The postman must have taken the stamp from the letter with the cheque I sent you…”

Well, maybe the postman needed the stamp so he could send his cheque to his landlord…

“I was in a bike accident and broke both my legs so I couldn’t make it to the post office.”

We feel so sorry for you if this has ever happened to you. Breaking both legs on an accident, we mean. But you still can ask a family member or a friend to swing by the post office for you.

“I am ill and will die anytime soon and thought I would be wasting money if I paid you.”

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While we never take serious health issues and death lightly, this is one of those cases where clearly the debtor does not want to pay. Period. Once again, you will need solid proof about your health conditions so you can make arrangements with creditors, landlords or suppliers.

“I’m on a diet and lost a lot of weight and I needed new clothes so I couldn’t pay.”

Hey, good for you that you brought your weight down! You still have to pay up, though.

“I was paralysed temporarily and was not able to make it to the bank.”

Yikes! We just hope that you’re alright and have plenty of evidence of your paralysis. Otherwise, you might end up with a heart attack paying for compounding late charges and interests.

“I lost my glasses and could not read the invoice.”

Oh, man… and we thought the lamest excuse we’ve heard of was waiting for the dog to cough out the invoice that he ate…

“I have a multiple personality disorder and I thought that the other ‘me’ sent you the payment.”

Give this guy an award for creativity! This is probably one of the most clever, albeit outlandish, excuses we’ve heard of.

“I’m just waiting for someone to buy one of my kidneys.”

Have you tried listing it on Amazon or eBay or in the Facebook marketplace? You might have better chances there than just “waiting.”

While these excuses may be funny, they still don’t make your monthly dues disappear. Bills are bills. They will not stop coming and if you keep neglecting them and procrastinating, they will keep piling up. In the end, you are at a disadvantage.

Make sure to get those bills paid on time every month. If you’re the forgetful type, come up with a better bill reminder-and-payment system to avoid late payments.

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