The Roles of Return Policies and Good UI To Online Customer Experience

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The convenience of online shopping has made consumers’ lives easier by bringing their desired products right at their fingertips and doorsteps. This industry is becoming bigger by the second. By 2020, it’s market size is estimated to reach 4 trillion. In the past year, there were around 1.92 billion online shoppers.

However, online shoppers are particular about the shopping experience. You can’t blame them, too, because trust is a huge component in online shopping. Shoppers can’t guarantee the quality of the product and if their billing information is safe with the store. There has also been a 60% increase in shipping fraud attacks in Western U.S.

The user experience should be at the top of your priorities as an eCommerce entrepreneur. From the return policy to the user interface, everything should be geared to make the lives of shoppers easier.

Return policy

80% of shoppers get turned off by an inconvenient return policy. A simple RMA app can already entice buyers in patronizing your store since they feel at ease that if anything goes wrong, they can quickly return or exchange the product and get a refund. This app helps them request a refund, exchange, or credit because it connects them to the online store who will verify the request.

According to statistics, shoppers would love to avoid return shipping fees. 95% of shoppers will also buy from the store again if they’ve had a positive experience with returns, exchanges, and refunds.

User Interface

web designers fixing websiteImagine being shown a website that looks clean and professional versus a website that does not follow the color theory and uses tacky fonts. Which one would you trust more? According to research, a good web design influences 97% of shoppers. The more you make navigation and use visual cues to evoke emotions, the more you yield purchases in your shop.

The white background on a website highlights the products being viewed. An attractive but playfull color should stand out on the “Buy Now” button so that it is emphasized on the page. In line with this, the “add-to-cart” button should also have a different color to avoid confusion on the part of shoppers.

Additionally, 67% of shoppers use their smartphones to shop online, and they have a 70% chance of purchasing a smart device. These numbers dictate that a mobile-optimized online shop and interface is essential to the growth of a business.

Know your customers

No matter how much you tweak your return policy and your website, if you don’t know your target demographic enough, your business may suffer. For example, millennials research products before making a purchase. This means you will need to have content about your products to promote them. You can do this through influencer marketing and reviews.

Customers also prefer convenience, so this means on-the-day deliveries are crucial to consumers. In fact, 45% of millennials emphasize the importance of this feature in online stores.

The evolution of the internet has brought us this feature, and it is only natural to take advantage of online shopping. To become a successful online brand, though, you must know how to adapt to certain statistics and conditions.

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