Make Cherry Picking an Easy Task: Some Simple Tips

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Harvesting cherries can be quite difficult when they are out of reach. Good thing, there are some of the essential tools that enable people to do it easily and conveniently. Here are some of the simple tips that can guide you to successfully pick cherries.

1. Get closer to the cherries

It can make things easy on your part when you get closer to the cherries and pick them up. That is achieved by the use of a Hydralada Cherry picker for sale. This is one of the few known models of mechanical cherry pickers. The best thing about it is that it makes picking more productive and easier.

The operator of the device will need to stand on the platform of the device. The set of controls will be used to lift him more than one-hundred feet high. And, the platform can be positioned in a different direction. This now allows the operator to reach fruits on the side or top of the trees.

Prior to the use of the equipment, it requires the knowledge of the operator. One will need to manoeuvre the arm of the tool to safely operate it.

2. Use scissors

If you want to use your hand in picking cherries, it still requires you of twisting the stems. That’s only the time that you will be able to remove the fruits. You can speed up the process of harvesting fruits by the use of sharp scissors.

Take two or even three stems of cherries at one time. This can help you avoid bruising the fruits. You will be able to catch them in a single container. Be very careful about not damaging the fruit spur. Also, leave the stem on each fruit to keep the fruits fresh for a long period of time.

3. Use a three-legged ladder

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It can really be difficult to reach the topmost cherry fruit from the ground. That is why a three-legged ladder needs to be used prior to this. This is essentially needed to get closer to the fruits.

The third leg is also known as a support strut. This is placed right through the tree canopy. The side of the ladder is then set in place outside of the canopy. This further allows one to descend and ascend the ladder. The good thing about it is that there is no chance to get tangled in leaves and branches.

Good positioning of the ladder is still required. It allows the ladder to become stable. And thus, you get close enough to the cherries. The weight of your body is also kept centred. This will help you from tipping. The ladder is also prevented from tipping. Just keep in mind to exercise caution as always.

Cherry picking can be a delicate task. But, the use of different tools can mean efficiency, safety, and productivity benefits. These are more appropriate to use for their unique capabilities and features. And, these prove to be necessary for picking cherries and avoiding damaging them.

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