Make Your Career Work without Damaging Your Marriage

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Around 42 percent of marriages in London end in divorce, and most of them stem from work-related problems. While those statistics might have you consulting family solicitors even before getting married, you can take measures to ensure a happy married life.

Make the Time

Long-distance relationships rarely work, and your relationship is akin to that if you barely spend time with your spouse. Long hours at the office or constant work trips take a significant toll on relationships. Of course, it doesn’t take much time to connect. As little as 15 minutes a day can be enough to maintain and strengthen bonds as long as you exclusively use those 15 minutes on your partner. Have meaningful conversations, show your affection, and spent time doing things that both of you enjoy.


Sometimes it’s unavoidable not to take the stress of work into your home. However, bottling them up and not talking about them would shut down communication lines and make you seem cold. Constant communication is the key to successful marriages. Make efforts to share your thoughts, feelings, and worries. Don’t expect your partner to read your mood. Men can be reserved when it comes to expressing their feelings and women tend to expect men to understand theirs automatically.

Be Thoughtful

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Make your spouse happy with little gestures or gifts. Don’t wait for an occasion and be spontaneous. Your years of being together with your spouse should be enough to give you an inkling on what he/she likes and what pulls on his/her heartstrings. Send your partner an unexpected gift in the middle of the week. Small tokens or thoughtful acts hold marriages together more than expensive gifts during special occasions. Don’t let your work prevent you from making a call or two to make sure things are going fine or maybe to ask what to buy on your way home.

Do Your Own Things

Stay together but live your own lives. Men and women have different tastes and preferences. Most women probably won’t enjoy a rugby match the same way men won’t be enjoying a pottery class. Give your partner the freedom to enjoy his/her interests the same way you enjoy yours. It would be great if both of you have common interests, but spending time apart once in a while will prevent feelings of being stifled or trapped. A night out with the boys or girls should be fine as long as certain boundaries are maintained.

Stay Faithful

Most marriages won’t survive a third party. A single inappropriate act can leave it in tatters, ruining years of partnership and friendship. Of course, cheating is a symptom of a much bigger problem and your marriage is most likely on shaky ground if you’re entertaining thoughts of being with another person. Keep your lustful emotions in check and weigh whatever actions you do on their possible consequences.

Marriage is an investment that requires your time, effort, and emotions. Your career might ensure a stable future, but it’s up to your marriage if it stays happy and satisfying.

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