Rise to the Challenge: 3 Biggest Obstacles You’ll Face as a Newbie Entrepreneur

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New EntrepreneursThe one thing that’s constant in business is the challenge. At every turn, whether you’re expanding a product line, moving to a new location, or trying to keep the cash flow steady, there’s always an obstacle that has to be overcome. However, for starting entrepreneurs, there’s a unique set of challenges that must be trumped in order for them to break through the industry. The best way to deal with such hurdles is to be prepared. That means anticipating them. That said, here are the biggest obstacles you’ll face as a newbie entrepreneur:

Overseeing everything

Starting a business entails taking on different roles from time to time to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Thus, you’re going to think like a marketer one moment then a customer service officer the next. Aside from the challenge of learning at least the basics in the different aspects of your business, the grind really is in keeping yourself from getting burned out. How do you overcome this? Assess your strengths and weaknesses. Divert your energy to what you do best. Get help for those that you’re not too familiar with. Treat those people as your mentors. Learn a thing or two as you work with them. With you focused on your strengths and experts manning the other business aspects, you will have the peace of mind that everything is managed without losing your sanity.

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Being at peace with the unknown

There are a lot of uncertainties in running a business. You’re not entirely sure if your business will last, if your customers will like your product, or if you can replenish your bank account in the next month, and so on. However, there’s a way to be at peace with such uncertainties. Even if you’re not entirely sure of everything, you can estimate more or less your success in some things. For instance, in the question of whether your customers would like your product or not, you’ll be able to assess the audience’s reception with market research or competitor’s analysis. This way, you can find some sense of security with the unknown. A lot of starting entrepreneurs explore franchise models, precisely because of this. With a proven business model, there’s at least some level of protection from risks. If you’re planning to get into the food industry, try to pursue the pizza chain or dessert franchise opportunities established brands offer.

Securing finances

Funding is probably the biggest challenge you’ll face in starting your endeavor. You may have to sacrifice your personal savings or get really tight on the household budget to establish a business. The best way to overcome this is to research and network. Learn about different small business loans and lines of credit. Check out various crowdfunding platforms. Make it a priority to attend conferences or seminars every now and then. For sure, you’ll meet an investor or two who will be enticed with your pitch and support your endeavor.

Being new in the business is indeed challenging. Still, these are all necessary turning points in the journey, preparing you for the greater obstacles ahead. Therefore, keep pressing on. Overcome these challenges to reach success.

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