What to Consider When Renting Construction Equipment

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There are many things to consider when renting construction equipment. For example, if you need compactors, you have to look for a reliable compactor hire company. With heavy equipment rentals increasing as more developments are made across the country, being more selective with the rental company is all the more necessary. Construction equipment rental offers many advantages, so choosing the right company must be a well-studied decision.

Cost of Equipment

Rentals offer a lower initial investment. Excavators that weigh around 15 tons cost above AUD 100,000 on the market. However, with rentals, one needs to shell out only around AUD 500 per day. Forklifts, when rented, cost about AUD 200 per day, compared to a purchase cost of AUD 10,000. Renting construction equipment can provide builders, especially smaller ones, to have access to technologies, even newer ones, at cheaper prices. Renting construction equipment is highly cost-effective, so it is advisable to pick the company that brings a fair deal with a respectable ROI on your part. A company that puts a relatively affordable rental fee on a piece of equipment is a good choice, provided the equipment is not too old. Expect a heftier rental fee on newer equipment.

Project Duration

The longer the project, the more you would need equipment. Project duration is affected by the complexity of the project as well as the owner’s or builder’s need to have a structure or any construction work finished in a given period. The number of equipment pieces to be rented will depend on such considerations. Should you rent a roller for the long term if compacting needs are irregularly scheduled across the project’s life? Will smaller compactors be more feasible when you have more paid workers available?

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Another thing to consider is the number of projects a company will do. The more projects are in the pipeline, the longer is the construction period. Handling multiple projects at close time intervals is well served with a long-term rental contract. However, if projects are far spaced out from each other, a project-based rental contract is more advisable.

Rapid Equipment Development

One thing a builder must also look into is the rapid change in available construction equipment. Nearly all technologies now face a horizon of quick development cycles. With heavy equipment, it may be slower but the adjustments and change can be seen in new equipment features. A common one is the use of automation and informatics in operating the machine and guiding them. With rentals, this concern may all end up with cost considerations as a builder looking for more updated equipment may find rental fees forbidding. However, new features are added to make work easier and faster. The additional cost may actually be offset by time and work savings on the part of the builder.

Renting construction equipment is apparently a better choice to most builders, whatever the size. The cost objective is met, and the efficient use of technology is preserved as opposed, for instance, to buying one that may be left unused for a while. Most importantly, rentals afford builders to maximise their available resources, not just minimise costs.

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