Things Kids Should Know Before Starting Preschool

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Crucial to every child’s development is the choice of school he or she is going to attend, and this is especially true for children ages two to four, or the preschoolers. Brain development is one of the most critical stages, so your child needs an inviting and nurturing environment. If you live in the capital city of Arizona, you will find a wide range of schools to choose from.

You may choose among the top preschools in Phoenix, AZ depending on your location, budget, and the style of teaching you want for your child. For instance, do you want a faith-based, Christ-centred curriculum? Or do you want to focus more on academics? The choice is up to you, but the real question is this: Is your child ready for preschool?

To help you determine your child’s readiness, here are some things he or she should already know or possess:

Has a longer attention span

This is of course, compared to the time when they were two years old and younger. A typical three-year-old should be able to concentrate for an average of five minutes (three minutes at the least), while a four-year-old can focus on a single activity for as long as 15 minutes as long as the activity is new and fun.

Knows how to use the toilet

The earlier you start training your child to use the toilet, the better. Potty training should start as early as 18 months old, although there are children who aren’t ready for it until three years old. But if you’re planning to send your child to preschool, one of the basic requirements is that the child should already be potty trained to avoid embarrassment, which can contribute to your child’s overall experience at school.

Has social skills

Like with other skills every human being should have, social skills differ from one person to another. Some children may be able to interact with other children already, while others remain shy during the first few weeks of preschool. The most important thing is to train your child not to fight with other kids, as this could disrupt the whole class and affect everyone.

You know your child is ready for preschool when he or she can already play with other kids. To help them develop their social skills, allow them to play on your town’s playgrounds or schedule play dates with other parents.

Has some level of independence

Kids excited for school

Separation anxiety is normal and even parents go through this, especially if it’s the first time you will be away from each other for hours. Preschoolers, however, have a hard time controlling themselves, so the result is that they will cry and cling to you when it’s time to enter their classrooms. This behavior might affect other children, so it’s important to see first if your child is ready to spend time away from you. For one, you can leave your child to your partner or a trusted babysitter while you get the groceries. If you don’t encounter any problem in this situation, then chances are your child is ready for preschool.

Sending your child to school can be an exciting milestone, but it’s important to consider whether or not they are ready for it. If you feel they don’t have these characteristics yet, then don’t fret. You can start training your child at home and let them start preschool in the next semester or school year.

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