Someone Hit My Parked Car, What Now?

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Getting your parked car hit while you’re inside it, or discovering that your car is damaged when while it’s parked can be quite a stressful and upsetting ordeal. If you’re lucky enough not to get injured, you’d still have to deal with the repairs. Luckily, your or the driver at-fault’s insurance would be able to cover any damage — that is if you know what to do if this incident ever happens to you. That said, we’ll be taking a look at different scenarios in which your parked car is hit, and the next steps you should take:

If The Driver Stays

In many cases, the driver would either stay or leave a note if they ever hit a parked car. As such, it’s important to stay calm and avoid any disputes. Calmly ask for the driver’s information such as name, address, contact number, and the insurance company. It’s important that you call the police in order to notify them of the incident and to acquire the police report since you’ll be using it for your insurance claim. Lastly, you should call your insurance company to report the incident. You should never negotiate or compromise, it’s best to have the authorities handle it and let your and the other driver’s insurance cover for the damage. It’s also still recommended that you call your lawyer not only to guarantee that the insurance company covers the damage but also to properly compensate you for any loss or injuries.

If You’re Inside the Parked Vehicle

Normally, when vehicles hit a parked car, it usually a low-impact incident resulting in a dent, scrape/scratch, broken lights, or a damaged side-mirror. However, in case it’s a high-impact contact and you’re inside the vehicle, there’s a possibility that you’d be injured. As such, it’s important to check right away for any injuries or pain. When calling the authorities, ensure that you state that you’re injured and are in need of medical treatment, and it wouldn’t hurt to also do a follow-up consultation with your doctor if you experience any pain or bruising a day or two after the incident. It’s important to have all these documented so that you can claim insurance and compensation for the medical bills and possible lost wages due to the injuries sustained (on top of the damage to your vehicle).

If it’s A Hit and Run

What’s worse than someone hitting your car is when that perpetrator flees the scene, or you arrive at the parking area with your car already damaged and with no suspect in sight. In these cases, it’s best to ask around if anyone saw the car that hit yours — knock some doors and check for establishments that have camera footage of the area. You’d still want to contact the authorities and your insurance company. In cases wherein the at-fault driver isn’t around, you’d still be able to claim insurance for repairs as most auto insurance include coverage when the vehicle that hit you is uninsured or not present. You can also contact your car crash lawyer in Everett to help you out in case you need assistance with claiming insurance for hit-and-run car damage.


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Getting your parked car hit is more common than you think, which is why it’s important that you know what do if it ever happens to you — either when the at-fault driver stays or is nowhere to be found. And, most importantly, never hesitate to contact the authorities, your insurance company, and your lawyer if it ever happens in order to cover the costs for the damage — which may also include medical expenses and compensation for injuries if you were inside the parked car.

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