How Personalisation Is Key To Member Engagement

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Do you rely on membership management to entice people to join your organisation? What tools do you use to ensure effective membership management?

One of the most powerful tools in commercial marketing is personalisation. According to research, more than half of UK adult respondents would often sign up for SMS, emails, or social media notifications if these are personalised.

How can this strategy work for membership organisations? Let’s find out.

Challenges that membership organisations face

Increasing the number of loyal members is the biggest challenge of many membership organisations. A membership organisation would lose the essence of its existence without its members.

Today, organisations use many channels to reach potential members and keep current ones. These include websites, emails, phones, SMS, and social media.

More often than not, organisations send out generic communication through these channels. But studies reveal that members are like commercial customers. They also want to receive personalised communication from their organisations.

How can membership organisations benefit from personalisation?

Many organisations do not personalise their communication because it adds to annual expenditures. After all, a generic email is cheaper and faster to do than an email that has individual names, addresses, and information.

But the positive results such a strategy produces usually outweigh the costs. Also, there are now many software upgrades that make personalisation easier.

To drive home the importance of personalisation, here are more benefits your organisation could get from this strategy.

Personalisation targets specific audiences

A membership organisation relies on people with similar interests to drive member engagement. Personalisation collects data from people and uses it to offer a more personalised experience for current and potential members.

So, the strategy creates a more effective membership management campaign since it targets what people like. For example, a member who receives relevant information will more likely open and read an email. Someone who receives a generic email will probably just delete it without even opening it.

Personalisation leads to the creation of better content

Everyone knows that good content can help any organisation stand out from its competition. Personalisation practically forces an organisation to make better campaign materials because each one contains content relevant to a specific member.

Again, this is all about targeting information that will engage your members. Find out what they want and you’ll be able to better communicate with them.

Personalisation builds deeper relationships with target customers

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The basic rule of personalisation is to use a customer’s name in any communication. Using today’s technology, personalisation goes beyond this basic rule.

Some organisations send SMS birthday greetings. They email “thank you” notes when members attend a meeting. They send social media notifications of events that members are interested in.

All these methods go a long way toward building a stronger connection with your members.

And everyone knows that a happy member is a loyal member.

These are only some of the benefits that an organisation can achieve by adding a personal touch to its membership management campaign. There are many more benefits. Perhaps you’ll discover them when you implement your organisation’s personalised campaign soon.

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